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´╗┐Importance Of Ventilation In Your Home

Ventilation is essential part of your house. Creating enough space for air inflow in your house keeps it airy and fresh and helps in home improvement. Ventilation is basically a deliberate movement of the air from outside of a house to inside it. As we have many different appliances like washing machines, microwaves, refrigerators that produce heat in the house and cause suffocation. It is vital that there is proper passage of air inside your house so that you can breathe in fresh air and can maintain the temperature according to the surrounding.

Ventilation is a process that is known since a long time. It is basically based on concepts of science as heated up air becomes lighter and starts flowing high and flows towards the area with heavy and cold air. If there is a place though which exchange of hot and cold air can take place then it can really keep a house in equilibrium. Earlier there used to be open windows or small square holes in the walls that allowed air and light inside the room. With the developing technology and passing time now we are over the normal windows and use exhaust fans in place of it.

The exhaust fans are actually different from ordinary fans in shape, size and design. They are made up of small arms knows as vents and have a little different shape they are fixed inside the window facing outside the house to catch fresh air from outside and pull it inside. The increased amount of air in the room balances the heat reflected by various electric appliances and help to clean up the air.

Ventilation is of many types and kinds. It is very essential to keep your house properly ventilated or it may lead to suffocation and you may suddenly choke due to lack of air. The best way to keep the flow of fresh air coming is switching off the appliances when not in use so that they do not release heat energy unnecessarily. Also it is significant that you open up the doors and windows of your house for a while to let fresh air inside.

Whenever you cook food in the kitchen or light a stove you must definitely switch on exhaust fan. Any room or corner in your house that is congested and is separated must be fitted with a ventilator so that you can breathe easily and work in that area. When you light a stove in a room with low amount of air the burning process do not occur properly and oxygen is changed in carbon monoxide instead of carbon dioxide which is in fact poisonous and fatal. A person who consumes carbon monoxide may choke badly as the amount of oxygen inside the body decreases and the blood flow is interrupted so it is very essential that you use proper ventilation inside your house to live carefree and breathe fresh air.