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Electrical Wiring

´╗┐Learn How To DIY

You may want to save the heavy wiring jobs for the pros but there are many home improvement projects you can do yourself that involve electricity. Some jobs you can literally do in 15 or 30 minutes, yet you would pay a professional around $100 or more to complete. If you would like to learn to do simple home wiring and home improvement projects that involve electricity, there is a relatively painless way to learn how to DIY.

Attend Class

Many of the larger home improvement stores hold free classes every now and then that teach do-it-yourselfers basic home improvement skills. Check with the stores in your area to see if there are any classes that teach basic home improvement skills that involve working with electricity. Alternatively, you could take some basic courses in electricity at your local community college. While you don't have to study to be a licensed electrician, you can learn a lot about the basics by attending local classes.

Surf the Net

There are tons of DIY videos and articles online about basic electrical work that you can view and many of them are designed for the beginner. What's more, some of the major home improvement stores have websites with DIY videos and step by step instructions for beginners. In fact, I saved a lot of money this way after I moved a few months ago. I had never heard of 3 wire and 4 wire plugs for clothes dryers; I just assumed you plugged them into a 220 and they worked. Imagine my disappointment when I moved from a home with a 4 wire plug to a home with a 3 wire plug. I called a few electricians and the best price I could get was $75 and this didn't include the price of the new cord.

I told the electrician I'd call back and I started looking around online for advice. I was really looking for a cheaper price but what I found was step by step instructions on how to change out the cord for the dryer. It was on one of the major home improvement store's websites and once I saw how easy it was, I decided to try it. Sure enough, 20 minutes later, my dryer was working perfectly and I was still alive so after that I started looking for other DIY projects I could do and I found a ton of easy repair and replacement electrical projects. After that, I was hooked and I've been rewiring small projects ever since.