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´╗┐Replace An Old Ceiling Light With A Ceiling Fan

Installing a ceiling fan isn't complicated for the do-it-yourselfer with a basic knowledge of electrical tasks. It's far easier, of course, if you're not starting from scratch; that is, if there is already electricity and wire present. For example, a rather easy upgrade for the do-it-yourselfer is replacing an old ceiling light with an up-to-date ceiling fan. You can still have your light right there in the same location; just purchase a ceiling fan that comes with a light.

Benefits of Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans don't only look nice, but they greatly improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling system. Regardless of the season, they will work in conjunction with your existing system to help keep your home warm or cool, whichever the case. Ceiling fans can reduce the amount that you run your electrical heating and cooling systems, thus conserving energy and reducing your electrical bills. If you are handy around the house and like to work on home improvement projects, installing a ceiling fan is a great one to take on!

Choose your ceiling fan carefully as to size and decor as you want it to blend in nicely with the rest of the room. If there are brass accents, which are present on many popular styles of ceiling fans, take care to notice whether the brass accents are polished brass or antique brass as you will want to have them all the same if you are purchasing more than one and you will want to coordinate with the rest of your decor. Also, match the globe or light bulb coverings to the rest of your decor as well.

Installing a Ceiling Fan

Ceiling fans are designed to be installed using the existing wiring that you'll find after you remove the light fixture in the ceiling. While it is not difficult, there are several steps involved and you will certainly need to shut off the electricity to the light fixture you are working with. Also, be sure and use a wooden, not metal ladder when you are installing your new ceiling fan.

Thanks to the Internet, you can view detailed instructions and videos online that will walk you through every step of ceiling fan installation if need be. If you purchase a ceiling fan that is very heavy, you may need to build up the support in the ceiling but you will find that this step is covered as well and you can feel confident installing your new ceiling fan with ease.

Take your time when installing ceiling fans because you don't want to get it all assembled and installed only to discover that it hums or wobbles. Read all the directions carefully and if you are unsure about anything, just do a Google search for " ceiling fan installation" and you will be presented with a wide variety of videos and instructions.