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´╗┐Generate Electricity With Green Wind Power Turbines

Green wind power has been around for a more than a couple of decades. In the beginning wind farms generated enough green wind power to power their homes and farm machines, but as the technology ha grown the power companies have set up wind farms with huge wind turbines. In many Midwestern states where the land is flat there are huge wind farms generating enough electricity to power thousands of homes. The state of Iowa has over 600 turbines to generate green wind power. The number of states that are into wind farming are growing daily.

Wind farms are growing, and the turbines are getting higher. Some of the most powerful green wind power turbines are 240 feet tall and higher; there could be wind farms with as few as 3 turbines or as many as 150 on a piece of land. Hawaii has the highest wind turbine that stands 20 stories high. The blades of these huge green wind power turbines are 100 yards. If you can't visualize how long 100 yards is, the measurement is the almost the length of a football field.

There are two basic types of wind turbines that produce green wind power. The most common type is the turbine with a horizontal axis, and the other type has a vertical axis, which is used less frequently. A turbine with a horizontal axis has the generator and rotor blades at the top of the tower. The blades are rigid to prevent the wind from deforming their shape to prevent them from collapsing into the tower. Vertical wind turbines have vertical sails that that act the same way as the horizontal turbines. The vertical sails trap the wind, which spins the sails, which turns a shaft that operates the generator. There are turbines specialized to operated on land and offshore. Off the coast of Denmark there are many horizontal turbines producing green wind power.

Sometimes people make the mistake of calling wind turbines windmills, but this is a term is really a misnomer, because windmills are use the wind to process or mill grain into flour, or as a pump or some sort. A wind turbine works pretty much the same way except it generates electricity.

A green wind power turbine works the opposite way that a fan does. A fan uses electricity to make wind, but a turbine uses wind to make electricity. The wind turns the blades that in turn also spins a drive shaft, which is connected to a generator that makes electrical power. The electricity that is generated is fed to a transformer that feeds the electricity through power lines. The power then goes to a substation, and then it is purchased by consumers to power schools, homes and businesses.

Wind turbines are based on the same technology as the old time windmills to produce green wind power; it is vitally important in this day and age to adapt old technologies to meet the challenges we face with global warming. Wind farmers have a huge investment in their wind turbines, so to protect them from damage in thunderstorms, and violent wind storms each green wind power turbine has an automatic shut off switch. Wind turbines built to Utility scale, depending on the size produce 50 to 750 kilowatts of power.