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Home Energy Efficiency

Creating An Energy Efficient Door

One of biggest home improvements done on any home is changing the doors to update the look and efficiency of the largest energy wasting part of the home. Doors that are drafty or not fitted properly are one of the largest energy loses in the home.

There are several types of doors to use when remodeling. There are energy efficient doors, fiberglass doors, French doors, Sliding doors, steel doors, and storm doors. All have benefits for the homeowner and different functions.

Energy efficient doors provide a tremendous savings on the utility bills and saving wasted energy. The basis for using the energy door is to reduce the drafts and creating a better seal around the door from the elements. This helps to reduce the utility bills during both summer and winter. They are available in different styles and colors allowing for a better selection for the homeowner.

Fiberglass doors are lightweight while providing energy efficiency. They have similar benefits of the energy efficient door listed above while also providing more styles such as wood grain that is very appealing and compliments any décor. They have a lower cost to the consumer.

French doors are a classy touch to any entranceway. While adding an elegant touch they also provide maximum views. There are different styles that include either clear glass or etched glass. The preference is completely up to the discretion of the homeowner. The French doors can be installed as a single unit or in pairs; either way creates a beautiful addition to the home. They are usually installed in the patio area providing a grand view of the backyard.

Sliding doors make a great entrance for any patio. They glide gently on a track and can be opened or closed with elbows when the hands are full. They are durable and very practical since they do not require any painting minimizing the needed maintenance in the future. They provide the option of being left open while having to return to the kitchen or dining area when barbequing in the backyard. One of the best options available is the safety glass, which prevents any accidental hazards if a person slips and falls against the glass and might be cut by standard glass of other doors.

The steel doors are extremely durable and offer maximum protection from the elements. They are sturdy and provide a high level of security. They are also energy efficient as well. They come in many styles and colors. They add beautiful changes and appearances to any home.

Storm doors add additional beauty to the home with additional security features. By adding a deadbolt to the door, a homeowner creates a higher level of security to the fortress. They can be used with any door at any location throughout the house other than the sliding door. They come in different styles and colors adding the options for the homeowner.

The different doors all add great options for changing the look of any home. Based on the homeowner's preferences, each one can be just the right touch to any remodeling project.