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Home Energy Efficiency

´╗┐Save Money on Your Energy Bill With A Home Improvement Project

When remodeling the home it is the perfect to take the time change to energy efficient items throughout the home. The changes that will make a dramatic impact on the cost efficiency of the home include windows, doors, insulation, siding, appliances, and a programmable thermostat. All have additional benefits such as updated technologies, which add to the appeal of adding them to the home.

Exterior doors frequently are drafty and leak the air within the home. This is an energy nightmare for the homeowner. They lose precious heat in the winter and needed cooled air in the summer. The wasting of the energy hits them in the wallet.

To change the doors will lessen the cost of the utilities as well as prove additional comfort. While adding the new doors, adding additional weather stripping will provide more savings and make the new door more energy efficient. The doors are available in many different styles and designs to make any entrance attractive.

Window leak the air the same manner as doors. To change the windows will not only change the appearance of the home and provide a savings; they also have different styles adding to the benefits of the different window openings. The windows can be changed from the sliding windows to swing out windows to bow or garden windows for addition window space. Depending on the location of the window, the options are endless for modifying the current drafty window to the energy efficient window with beauty and charm.

When taking the time to alter the current drafty doors and windows, do not forget about the basement. The standard basement window will lose large amounts of heated or cooled air robbing secretly the homeowner who has taken the time to install energy saving methods on the living area but forgetting the lower levels of the home. Basement windows are easily replaced providing energy savings and higher energy efficiency for the home.

Add insulation in the attic to further the energy savings of the home. It is a common known fact heat rises. Yet many people fail to realize their homes are literally releasing the heat out the roof. Add insulation to keep the heat and the cool air in the home where it belongs. Adding the rolled insulation will dramatically increase the energy savings. The simple process will generally pay for itself the first year it is installed. There is also the tax savings for adding the energy efficient insulation to the home, which adds to the benefit of adding the insulation to the attic.

Take the time to make the home energy efficient when remodeling or doing home improvements. The benefits are not only realized on the monthly utilities, they will be realized on the annual taxes. The home improvements also add the value of the home.