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´╗┐Use The Kitchen As A New Escape

The kitchen is the second most used room in the house for socializing next to the living room. People gather in the kitchen for a more relaxed setting. Use the opportunity of the gathering guests to create an escape from the daily stresses. By selecting a theme representing tranquility, the guests will sense the peacefulness you are offering.

Different things represent different meanings to people. Finding the one theme for the kitchen is the quest for many people. They want to extend the tranquility to their visitors. The one thing that is for sure no matter what theme used, if the kitchen area is decorated with a sense of pleasure and calmness, it will be the perfect escape for the people of the home as well as their visitors when using the room.

Remember to use the theme and the colors throughout the kitchen area. By using the combination of themes and colors, the atmosphere will always be pleasant. By using different colors that radiant a sense of peace and warmth, the kitchen will be the wonderful escape you are seeking to create.

One such example is using the dark purple with gold or silver accents. The colors will be the base theme so any objects used will only enhance the theme. Use the dark purple as the rug, potholders, and hand towels. Accent the windows with purple drapes or valance. Lighten up the purple with accents of gold or silver.

On the table use placemats with purple and the metallic color for each seat at the table. Add napkins with accessorized napkin holders. Use a purple plant of flower for the centerpiece. A purple crocus potted flower generates the mood of happiness and serenity. The potted artificial flowers are available in most retails stores at inexpensive prices.

On the wall, add a purple floral spray or arrangement. Add little accents of the metal color selected. The wall will become a work of art with the vibrant colors and display. It will carry the theme and accentuate the rest of the room. People will notice the arrangement and feel a sense of tranquility and peace. They will know you took the time to create a pleasant setting in the room where they can seek refuge from the hectic life they may be experiencing at that certain moment.

Purple is the universal color representing peace. It holds the warmth in any shade so it is a good color to use when extending a warm setting in any room. People take the warmth of the color and it brings them an inner joy, warmth, and happiness. Give a wonderful feeling to anyone visiting your home and watch their reactions when they enter a room with the color that is used.