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´╗┐Help Secure Your Home With Video

Video surveillance, whether simple or elaborate is an excellent way to help protect your home and your family. You can install a single camera yourself outside the entrances to your home to monitor any intrusive behavior. There are a lot of choices available when it comes to surveillance cameras. You can get the kind that are weatherproof and are equipped with night vision technology. You can even monitor your video cameras via your computer if you are away from home. Of course, you can also equip the inside of your home with video surveillance as well, for maximum protection. Whether you prefer a simple concealed camera that monitors one room or one area, such as the infamous "nanny cam" or you want to have your entire home under video surveillance, there are various options in digital video technology.

Do It Yourself Video Surveillance Kits

If you want to hide video surveillance cameras around your home you can purchase kits for just a couple of hundred dollars that have up to four mini cameras in them. You can quickly hook them up yourself and you can view the footage on your television or on your computer. No one will ever know they are there. If you spend a lot of time in one area of your home or if you have a big home, you may want to install these cameras and feel comfortable as you work or relax, knowing that you can see any area of your home you wish at any given time. You can also purchase standalone video surveillance cameras and mount them outside so you can monitor entranceways. These, too, can be viewed via your computer so even if you are away from home on vacation you can monitor your home.

Videotape Your Possessions for Insurance Purposes

Another way to use video to help protect your possessions is to videotape them for insurance purposes. Going through your home with a video camera is a lot simpler than writing every item down and you can even get close ups of model numbers or serial numbers, which you may also need to provide to the police in the case of a home burglary. Your video will also be date stamped, which will lend credibility to your claim and you can also video receipts and appraisals. Don't think that only items that are expensive or extremely valuable need to be documented. You should also document your clothes and major appliances in the case of a fire or natural disaster. If your video recorder is digital, you can keep a copy of it on your computer but you should also keep a copy in a safe place, away from your home, such as a safety deposit box. By documenting your possessions in this way, you will ensure that the claims process goes much easier and quicker, giving you one less thing to worry about.