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A Closer Look At Home Security Equipment

There are various components that make up home security systems, from all in one units to complex units comprising multiple components. The good news is that you can basically design your own system by specifying which components you would like to have installed. Whether or not you contract with a company to provide your home security service, you can decide exactly which components you would like to have make up your home security system.


Keypads belong to simple as well as elaborate home security systems. Not all keypads are created equally , though, so you'll want to understand exactly what yours is capable of. In fact, it would be better if you could understand what functions the various keypads are capable of before you purchase your system so you will get the one that best meets your need and at the same time not spend money for a keypad that you don't need. For example, basic home security system keypads will allow the user to punch in a code to arm and disarm the system.

Some systems also allow the user to wave a tag in front of the keypad instead of keying in numbers. In addition, some keypads are so sophisticated, that when working in conjunction with a monitoring service, the user is able to disarm the system with an alternate code that means the user has become a hostage. This could be the case if the user was accosted as he or she was coming into the home and instead of keying in the regular code to disarm the system, the user would key in a preprogrammed alternate code. This code, while disarming the system, and making the intruder think the system was no longer a threat to him or her, would then send a silent alarm to the monitoring service and the representatives would contact the authorities and report that a hostage situation was taking place.

Extra Security Measures

Many home security companies also offer the option to provide fire, flood, and carbon monoxide monitoring. You will want to consider your own needs as well as your budget to determine which of the services you will want to pay for but all of these services could be life-saving. While most people believe they would awake if a fire broke out in the middle of the night, if your home security service was providing fire protection, you would be notified at the first sign of temperature change, long before the smoke or fire became deadly.

In addition to fire protection, many home security services provide flood protection. This kind of protection isn't necessarily for those who may live in flood zones, but in the case of pipes bursting or a water heater bursting and flooding your home. Imagine you are away on vacation and come home to ruined carpets and moldy furniture because you had no idea your house flooded while you were away. With this type of monitoring service, you would be reached at once and be able to take care of your home much sooner.

In addition to the above services, many home security companies also provide carbon monoxide monitoring. This deadly and odorless gas has killed entire families who had no idea they were being poisoned by carbon monoxide. With this type of service, you would have the peace of mind of knowing your home and family were protected against a variety of dangers.