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Solar Power

´╗┐Solar Power Systems Vary In Size and Complexity

As discussions about the need to wean off of fossil fuels become even more serious, many people are looking into alternative energy sources for their homes and business operations. Solar power systems are a popular option around the world for good reason. These systems, however, can range rather greatly in size and complexity.

The different types of solar power systems available include:

Small cell systems

The popularity of solar power systems to power a single device are becoming very popular. Examples of this type of system abound and include such things as wrist watches, portable radios and flashlights and even camping equipment. This type of solar power system is generally very small and self-contained.

Limited use solar panel arrays for home use

Home use solar power systems are generally designed for limited use. This means they are meant to power specific systems within a home. For example, a solar power array might be designed to take an air conditioning system or pool water heater off of the electrical grid. This type of system generally involves solar panels on one portion of a roof.

Self-contained home systems

This type of system is most commonly used in remote locations. A fully self-contained solar power system that can run an entire household or office can provide all necessary power when getting on the electrical grid isn't feasible. This type of system will generally involve a much larger solar panel array than a limited design. Self-contained systems are becoming more popular in residential areas where electrical access is also available.

Solar dish

Solar power systems that are created using dishes that are similar to satellite dishes are becoming quite popular for portable use and even in collection fields used by power companies to offset their own use of fossil fuel driven electricity. This type of system involves collection of the sun's rays using a device that can be moved to absorb the maximum amount of energy during daylight hours. On the portable end, this type of system is frequently used by campers and RV enthusiasts. Larger systems are rather cost prohibitive for individual owners to put in place. Inasmuch, they are used by power companies instead.

Solar fields

Solar fields are exactly what they sound like. This type of set up, reserved for power company use, involves the creation of a large number of solar arrays to collect the sun's energy during daylight. A solar field might include stationary panels, solar dishes or a combination thereof.

Solar power systems are showing their benefits more and more. As the limited nature of fossil fuels becomes very evident, harnessing this type of renewable energy is becoming very attractive on the small scale and even in large scale projects.