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Types Of Ventilators and Vents

Ventilating and air conditioning is very important to keep the heat and temperature in a particular area regulated. There are different types of vents and ventilators used that will help you in home improvement and increasing the flow of air in your house. Let's discuss few major kinds of vents available in the market:

Ridge vents

Ridge vents vary in size from 9' to 12' and are installed at the attic. It helps in keeping the attic and nearby areas cool. It also helps in reducing the cost of air conditioning. Ridge vents also assist in preventing ice dams. The shingle over vents uses shingle that goes with the roof and is fixed above the vent. The holes that are pre drilled make the installation process easy.

Soffit Vent

Soffit vent works through an air intake over the eave or the soffit. Soffit vents help in balancing the flow of air in the attic through ridge vent. They are mostly made up of PVC or aluminum. The reversible soffits can be recessed mounted or flushed.

Gable Vent

The gable vents are created to complement many products of the vinyl siding. The gable vent is installed either after the siding or before it. They are such kind of vents that do not require much maintenance. They have built in screen and louvered joints to prevent the entry of birds and bugs inside. They are available in various shapes including pentagon, octagon, square, round, rectangular and half round.

 Power Ventilator

They consist of power turbine vents that are mounted on a metal cylinder sheet. They are installed along the roof face or the roof line. . When the air passes through the window, it rotates the turbine and draws the air out of attic. The speed and velocity of the air determines the efficiency of such vents in your house. The ventilator may not work in the absence of air.

Foundation Vent

Foundation vents are used for the ventilation of the crawl spaces and basements. The basement rooms require more ventilation as compared to the normal ground rooms. Also, since the rooms in the basement and have another house or room constructed over them so creating a place for the air inflow is really important. They foundation vents may be made of plastic, aluminum and steel. And is installed using block, brick or frame construction.

Roof Louver

The roof louvers are mostly used for the exhaust fan inside kitchen, bathrooms and ventilation of the attic. They are made up of plastic or aluminum. The wall louver contains louvered vanes and can be recessed mounted or flushed. Other kinds of roof louver are midget louver and assist in bringing in the moisture for sidewall construction or nearby spaces.

You can choose the kind of ventilators made of any kind of vents mentioned above looking at your needs and requirements.