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Art Deco Designs For Your Home

Art Deco Designs For Your Home

Art deco is a form of decorating that is often thought of as eclectic. Art deco calls to mind clean lines, long thin forms, geometric shapes and curving surfaces. Art deco (also sometimes referred to as art moderne) was a style movement that played a role in architectural design in the 1920s and continued to be popular into the 1940s. There are many famous buildings throughout the world that are art deco. Examples include London’s Savoy Hotel, and in New York City, the Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall and the Chrysler Building.

Art deco has re-emerged in today’s modern society as an interior design that is popular in many apartments, condominiums and houses. For those who enjoy anything eclectic, art deco is the style for you.

Design Features

What are the design features of art deco? Art deco includes such materials as glass, brass, copper and iron, pottery, textiles, laminates and rich woods. Art deco colors are very rich and are inlaid with gilded flowers that are either silver or gold. Leaves are also a common aspect of art deco design that offers a very basic but still elegant appearance. Art deco colors are a study in contrast. There are neutrals such as black and white that are intermixed with splashes of other bright and vivid colors. These colors include red, orange, ultramarine and lilac. Neutrals are the more dominant of the color types.

Furniture for an art deco inspired room is geometric in style and the chairs and sofas feature arms that are flat and thick. Dark wood furniture is a staple of art deco. The color scheme (as previously mentioned is bold and decorative) and curvilinear motifs are also an important aspect of the whole.

Art Deco and Your Walls

When it comes to painting walls in a room with an art deco design choose fresh colors in pastel shades that will contrast very nicely with your darker furniture. Think fresh, light and romantic. If you like the idea of contrasting colors then try this trick- paint adjacent walls in a room with a selection of colors. Some good color choices include gentle lilac, celadon green and light gold.

Art Deco and Your Living Room

The Orient was (and continues to be) a strong influence on designs of art deco. Add an element of mystery to your living room by having red throw cushions on your ivory colored couch. Oriental rugs are also a welcome addition as are wall sconces, flowers and scenic prints.

Splashes of bright colors should be used but used sparingly. Go with dark greens, bright yellows, oranges and rich reds. Some subtle colors need to be combined with the vivid colors. Think light blues, greens, soft greys, cream or off white. The main centerpiece of an art deco room is dominated by metallic finishes, white, black and copper.

Furniture is supposed to be the central focus of an art deco inspired room. For this reason it is important that you resist the urge to fill the room with clutter or to over accessorize. Whatever accessories you choose make sure that they are very basic and not overpowering in any way.

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