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´╗┐Attic Safety Tips and Advice

Most people do not realize it, but an unfinished attic can be the least safe place in any house. It is not uncommon to run into stray nails in an attic. Many people have been shocked by faulty wiring, and some even electrocuted. So many accidents happen in the attic. However, there are safety measures you can take in order to help you stay safe in the attic. The following paragraphs will discuss some of the things you can do to keep safe in your attic, as well as help you to identify possible dangers.

One of the first things you should purchase to help you stay safe in your attic is a basic hard helmet similar to what construction workers wear. These are sold at most hardware and department stores at a reasonable price. Wearing a hard helmet when you go into your attic will help prevent head injuries. Some common head injuries that happen in attics include:

- head punctures from loose nails hanging from cross beams and rafters
- head injuries caused by hitting cross beams or rafters
- concussions

Wearing a hard helmet while your in your attic can help prevent any of these common injuries from happening in the first place.

The next item you should buy to help you stay safe in your attic is a pair of protective gloves. While electrician's gloves are the best, rubber or cloth gloves can suffice. Electrician's gloves will not only protect your hands against injury, they will also protect you in the event you accidentally grab ahold of a live wire exposed in your attic. It is important to remember if you see bare copper wires, you should never touch them. They are most likely improper installation of ground wiring in your house.

Finally, to help keep yourself safe in your attic, you need to purchase a pair of safety glasses and face mask. In many cases, asbestos can be found in attic insulation and roofing. To protect your eyes and lungs from exposure, you should always wear a pair of safety glasses in conjunction with some sort of protective face mask.

In addition to purchasing and using some regular safety supplies before entering your attic, there some other steps you can take to keep yourself safe. For example, you must always consider the possibility that wild animals may have made their home in your attic. To help keep yourself safe from the possibility of encountering a critter, you should always dress appropriately before entering your attic. Long, yet not too loose, clothing works best for protection, along with work boots. Work boots will also help prevent you from slipping off of a floor beam, and falling through the ceiling.