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´╗┐Arts and Crafts In The Basement

When trying to dress up your basement for home use, there are plenty of subjects that are ideal to work on down there.

Depending on what you like to do, you may be able to get by with a simple set up. As an example, something like ceramics only needs a place to put a kiln, wheel, and shelves and counters to put things. If you go with air dry clay, you don't even need the kiln. In that case, you will want to be sure the basement is kept dry; so a dehumidifier is important to have around.

On the other hand, if you enjoy painting or maybe sewing and some other types of arts and crafts, you may need a much more finished basement. So, step one in that is being sure you have a decent floor. This means putting down some tile, wood or linoleum, something that helps to keep moisture out, and then some good walls. Always be sure to install a vapour barrier and insulation, and even some fans to help circulate the air.

Another thing to consider is security. This may sound silly - after all, this is in your own home - but if you have small children, you may want to keep them away from your paintings, ceramics etc. So, this can mean framing in some walls in your basement to create separate rooms. This way, you can have your own private space for your arts and crafts, and keep them safe from prying fingers.

Depending on the type of things you like to do, you may need shelves to hold things or brackets on the walls for frames, canvases etc. A lot of nice basic wire-frame shelving is perfect in these situations; you just need to be sure that they are mounted properly. If you're attaching a shelf unit to an exterior wall that isn't finished, you could have to drill into concrete or cinder block. Check with your local hardware store to get a sharp enough drill bit and the proper screws to hold in the material. The last thing you want is all your beautiful ceramics crashing to the floor some evening!

In some cases, you may need other types of utilities run to the basement for a home hobby. If you have a passion for chemistry, you may need a wash basin or even a full bathroom. If you don't have one in the basement already, you'll have to install one, and that can be costly. Extending a few pipes to put in a sink is one thing, but a toilet and shower require a lot more labour and expense.

Still, no matter your interest, a basement studio is an ideal place to work on whatever kind of arts and crafts you enjoy.