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How To Make The Most Of Your Small Bathroom

Everyone who has ever hurried out of their tiny, cramped bathroom will identify with the wish to find ways to make a small bathroom appear to be larger than it actually is. You can't always extend or completely remodel the whole bathroom. That's not always practical or affordable. Thankfully, there are several easy things you can do to make your small bedroom appear larger.

The first important thing to consider is the color of your bathroom walls. To make a small bathroom seem larger it is best to stick to light pale colors for the main colors but you can accent with something bolder and darker. Darker colors would give your bathroom a more intimate feel but they may be too oppressive in an already small bathroom.

If you use wallpaper in your small bathroom, make sure they you use neither a big print nor a pattern which is too busy. Subtle wallpaper designs are better for small bathrooms, perhaps with no pattern at all. One unusual idea would be to use the largest wall in your bathroom for a mural of an outside scene such as countryside, sky or a garden. That can be quite an eye-catcher!

Just as with the walls, the floor colors in a small bathroom should be kept light. That will give the illusion of there being more space in the room. Tan, pale grey and light blue are popular colors for the flooring of a small bathroom. Your flooring will give you a good basis for the décor for the rest of your small bathroom.

In a small bathroom, you have to take care with the fixtures and fittings too. A pedestal sink that is slimmer and more streamlined will give the appearance of more space in a small bathroom than a traditional vanity or countertop will. You can find a wide variety of styles in pedestal sinks so you are sure to find one to fit your bathroom design, taste and budget.

Simple fixtures with plain designs and neutral colors are best for a smaller bathroom as they don't make it look cluttered. You should also try not to clutter a small room with laundry hampers and unnecessary accessories etc. You will also want to give attention to putting additional lighting into a small bathroom. Use high wattage bulbs to make the room as bright as possible. Also, make as much use of natural light as you can. You may be able to install extra windows or a skylight to let the natural light pour in and make the room look bigger. Add a mirror to reflect what light you can back into the room.Following just these few simple tips should allow you to make the best use of a small bathroom and create the illusion of space which will allow you to create a stylish, practical and even beautiful bathroom.