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´╗┐Choosing A Bathroom Tile

Just by choosing the perfect bathroom tile you can transform a very ordinary looking bathroom into a relaxing treat better than any expensive spa vacation. Re-tiling your bathroom is an easy, convenient way to remodel your bathroom, even on a small budget. There is a wide range of tile designs available but the old favourites are still possible: harlequin, stone and marble can be seen again and again and can be used to give a variety of looks and moods. Also now, people are becoming bolder in the colors they use in their bathroom designs.

The harlequin design makes clever use of tiles by turning them through forty-five degrees so that they are like diamond shapes. Black and white is the classic color way for the harlequin design of tiling. This classic look with its clean lines looks good with any different styles of bathroom fitting but is probably most closely associated with a traditional white bath tub. It can give a very expensive look to your bathroom without having cost you very much at all. However, it can easily show fingerprints.

If you are looking for a cosier, more relaxed feeling to your bathroom, look for tiles that have natural stone designs in muted colors. They add real warmth to the look of the bathroom. If you have a slightly larger tiling budget, you could opt for marble. However, if you want to save a little money on your bathroom remodelling project, you can find many good bathroom tiles which don't cost too much. Perhaps you could design a tiling layout that uses mainly plainer, less expensive tiles which are accented by a few more expensive tiles as accents.

Tiles come in a range of sizes and shapes now which as well as fitting many themes, can also allow you to play around with the dimensions of your bathroom a bit. Mosaic tiles which are easily applied in bonded sheets will make a small shower room seem much larger. Rectangular tiles can made a bathroom appear wider or higher, according to which way the tiles are laid on the wall, if their design allows for that flexibility.

Tiling is not a difficult job, except perhaps for the cutting of them to fill in gaps. When you tackle a tiling project it is a good idea to plan out your tiles so that you have as few cuts as possible to do and do them carefully with a proper tile cutter. Use the right tile adhesive and grouting recommended for your tiles and apply it carefully, according to the manufacturer's instructions, to get the most from your tiles and create a beautiful bathroom which fits any budget and style.