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Don't forget to calculate the cost of supplies when you figure the cost of your home improvement project. For example, if you are going to paint the entire house or one room, you would calculate the cost of paint. But would you remember to add the cost of paint brushes and other supplies? If you've completed home improvement projects before, chances are you already have some of these supplies. If not, you'll want to start your collection now. In the following paragraphs, we'll look at some of the supplies you might need for common home improvement projects.

Painting Supplies

If this is your first painting job, you will likely need to purchase several supplies, depending on the size of the job. Obviously, your list will increase or decrease whether you are painting the exterior of your house, the trim, or just one room. Following, is a list of common painting supplies you may want to have ready before you start your painting job. This list assumes there are no repairs to be made or they have already been made. You will, of course, need separate supplies if you need to sand, prime, or make any repairs before painting.

- Paintbrushes, sprayers, or rollers (How many and in what sizes will be determined by the scope of your painting project)
- Extension poles, trays
- Plastic sheeting, tape, drop cloths
- Brush cleaners
- Dust masks and/or respirators
- Proper clothing
- Ladders
- General Supplies
- Tape measure
- Nails and/or screws
- Glue gun/glue
- Hardware (for cabinets, drawers, or decorative projects)
- Weather Stripping
- Electrical tape
- Gloves
- Goggles
- Adhesives
- Caulk
- Save Money on Home Improvement Supplies

While you will probably need to purchase many of the supplies you need for your home improvement project, chances are there are some you can borrow as well. Your neighbors or friends may be willing to loan you drop cloths or glue guns and you can probably find someone to loan you a ladder. If you have the budget, try to purchase the things you think you will use again so you can start building up your supplies for future home improvement projects.

Another way to save money on home improvement supplies is to check with others in your area who have recently completed their own home improvement projects to see if you can buy their leftovers. For example, if you just need a small amount of caulk to finish your project you may be able to purchase someone else's leftovers for next to nothing. With a little bit of extra effort, you can usually save substantially on home improvement supplies and the materials needed to complete your project.