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´╗┐Where To Purchase Discount Building Materials

You may use several types of building materials during your home improvement project and you may be able to drastically cut your costs on some of them. Following, we'll discuss some of the ways and look at some of the places where you can find discount building materials.

Home Improvement Stores

Of course, it pays to check for sales and rebates but there are also other ways you may be able to procure discount building materials from your local home improvement stores. Inevitably, there are custom orders that are not picked up and this could translate into a big discount for you if you are able to use someone else's custom order. These could be custom doors, windows, or even custom mixed paint. Custom ordered light fixtures or plumbing supplies could also be sitting on the shelf. Always ask, anyway; you might get lucky.

Damaged Building Materials

Check your area home improvement stores as well as scratch and dent stores for damaged building materials. You can often save a bundle when something has a small scratch or dent and it may be something either you can fix or won't show at all. You may be able to find fixtures, shelves, furniture, and a wide variety of building materials that have little to major damage. Do look over the items carefully before you make a purchase, though, as there are often no refunds on damaged items.

Close-outs or Discontinued Items

Discontinued items are often priced well below retail price and this can be another way you can use to save money on your home improvement project. Be aware though, that you may not be able to find more of that item so be especially careful if you are buying discontinued floor tile or some other type of building material for which you may discover you need more of.

Rebates and Tax Breaks

If you are purchasing major home improvement items like appliances, look for rebates and in some cases, even tax breaks, especially on eco-friendly items. If you do find a rebate or tax break, make sure you understand all the terms and conditions because if you make the purchase and it doesn't fall within the guidelines and you don't get the rebate or tax break, you could end up paying more than you would have originally. For example, some home improvement stores offer a rebate against the delivery charge when you purchase an appliance valued at a certain dollar amount. When you read the fine print, you'll notice that the amount of the purchase that has to be made to qualify for the rebate is pre-tax so watch for things like this. There's nothing wrong with that kind of rebate; awareness is the key here. Knowing exactly how much you must spend to qualify for a rebate can help you decide whether that purchase is worth it or not.