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´╗┐Replacement Roofing To Consider

If you are trying to ready your home for sale or just need to repair or update your roof, there are many types of roofing materials on the market today, some of which are guaranteed for thirty years or more. There are many things to consider when deciding which type of roofing material to use. You'll want to consider the cost, of course, and appearance is important as well. If you're planning on staying in your home for many years, durability is important and if you are planning to sell your home, durability is an excellent selling point. What would it mean to potential home buyers to learn that a new roof, guaranteed to last 30 years, was just constructed? It might just be enough to tip the scales in your favor. At any rate, whether you're staying or going, there is much to consider.

Types of Roofing Materials

Asphalt Shingles

More people in the United States choose asphalt roofing than any other type of roofing materials. Think durability when you consider asphalt to replace your roof as most asphalt roofs will last up to 25 years or more. Asphalt shingles are also a cost effective roofing material yet they offer an appealing look as well. Asphalt shingles are easy to apply and require little or no maintenance so this is a wise choice for many homeowners.

Composition Shingles

Composition shingles will cost slightly more than asphalt shingles but are still a cost effective roofing material and they look nice also. In addition, composition shingles are a good choice for those who live in the colder climates as these shingles are meant to retain heat.

Solar Roofing

Solar roofing may cost more initially yet it will more than make up the difference in cost over time as it will substantially save on energy. While there are many varieties of solar roofing, you can get shingles that look much like asphalt shingles and will blend in well with any home.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing isn't just for buildings. Many homeowners prefer metal roofing because it is easier to maintain and for those who live in climates that get a lot of snow, metal roofing offers an advantage over other types of roofing. The downside to metal roofing, of course, is that it can be loud when it rains but with all things considered, some people prefer metal roofing. Also, it can be more convenient to install metal roofing because it comes in sheets instead of shingles so that is another factor to consider.

Regardless of which type of roof you decide to install, check with local building codes to make sure you are applying the right surface or the right grade for your area. Some areas of the country mandate roofing materials that are fire resistant and some building codes dictate how many layers of roofing must be applied. To make sure you are in compliance, it pays to check first.