Featured Ceilings Article


´╗┐Preparing To Repaint Your Ceiling

You've finally figured it out. There is no rule that states every single ceiling in every house must be white. You can actually use color! And it can really change the look and feel of a room.

Invigorated by the discovery, you searched through paint colors and found the perfect complement to your floor and walls. You've picked a tone that will create the desired effect. You've purchased all of the necessary materials to apply, it too. Now, all that's separating you from a gorgeous ceiling in an awesome new color is a few hours worth of painting. You're ready to go.

Wait. Not quite. Resist the urge to start applying that paint with nothing but a few pages of the Sunday paper under your feet. You have a little preparation work ahead of you.

First, move everything you can out of the room. Moving a sofa may be a pain in the backside, but you'll be happier having done it that you will sitting on a couch cushion with paint spots on it for the rest of your life. The best rule of thumb? If you can get it out of the room, do it. It's not just a matter of protecting your stuff--it's also a good way to insure that you great access to all parts of the ceiling.

Now, it's time to protect anything you couldn't move, along with your floor. Don't rely on newspaper. Paint can drip right through, it often fails to stay in place and it's tough to walk around on the paper without accidentally creating bare spots. Besides, newsprint and your light-colored carpet might not be a good mix.

Instead, use either heavy-duty plastic or canvas sheeting to cover the area. These materials do a great job of shielding things from paint and you can work on them easily. Those who have other remodeling projects in mind will also appreciate the fact that they're reusable. That can make you feel better about the price tag on the sheeting. You're not just spending, you're making an investment in home improvement.

Finally, take the time to use high-quality painter's tape to mark protect molding or trim that you don't want to share the primary ceiling color. It might take a little time to tape things off, but the end results are worth the time expenditure.

After you've cleared the room, have placed your protective sheeting and have taped everything off, you can drag your paint and painting supplies in the room. Now it's time to get started. Before you know it, you're going to have a beautiful and revived room.

Turning your back on the white ceiling convention can completely transform your home. Doing it the right way, however, does require some consideration and preparation. Don't try to paint your ceiling until you're really ready. Diving in without preparation can produce a great deal of mess, frustration and damage.