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´╗┐Removing Stains From White Ceilings

Being able to restore the original luster to your once white ceiling is no easy task. Unfortunately from time to time, you will be faced with the task of having to be able to remove an unsightly stain from the ceiling. There are many different methods and approaches one may take to to accomplish this and restore the ceiling to its beautiful luster.

Stain Removers

One form of ceiling maintenance that you may want to use are stain removers. One method that many may not be aware of and may not utilize is through the use of liquid cleanser. This method is very effective when one is dealing with acoustic ceilings and trying to restore color to certain ceiling tiles. This will also be effective on ceilings that have a latex coat of white paint.

One warning when using cleanser or any other product with bleach in ceiling maintenance is to start in a small area to see what kind of a difference the cleaner will make. You may need to clean the entire ceiling in an effort to maintain continuity and to not create reverse staining. This would occur because the area that you have cleaned is now more vibrant than the rest of the ceiling and will cause you to do the entire ceiling in order to maintain the continuity of the ceiling.


The other primary method of ceiling maintenance to turn a ceiling white again would be to actually paint the ceiling. You may try to simply paint over the stain with the original paint that was used. This however, may not lead to a perfect solution to the problem. One thing that may occur depending on how recent the painting was could lead to obvious bright spots on the ceiling. This will lead to a newer looking ceiling in certain spots thus bringing almost as much attention as a stain would. It is highly recommended to paint the entire ceiling. This will not only hide the stain, but it will also create a brighter atmosphere in the entire room in order to make the room more inviting. Make sure to use the same type of paint that was used the last time it was painted to create continuity and to allow for better binding between the paint coats.


If you are doing ceiling maintenance on a drop ceiling, it may be just as easy and simpler to replace the stained tile. Because the tiles hold color and are very durable, replacing one will not make a huge disparity and will thus allow for less work than painting or having to wash the entire area in order to eliminate the stain and the effects that it brings.