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If you are in the market to redecorate you home, then did you know that you can try it online first? There are several online sites that give you the chance to check out interior paint colors, place furniture and add windows among several other features. When you are able to try different color schemes online, you are able to see the finished product without having to actually paint the room first and then regret the color you choose later.

One popular site is Pure Contemporary Room Planner. I have been to this site numerous times when I need decorating ideas. When you are at the site, click on My Home Design. You do a short registration and voila you are taken to your decorating area. It has living room, dining room, bedroom, family room and empty room. So let's say you want to redo your living room. Click on living room. You will click on the shape of your living room and then enter the dimensions of the room. Then click Create Room. Now you can take and place furniture such as sofas, loveseats, ottomans, chaises and chairs onto the interactive living room. Once an item is placed in the living room, you can click on it to turn it whichever way you choose. Then you can add structural things such as windows, doors, fireplaces and stairs. You can also add accessories such as rugs and coffee tables.

On ivillage there is an area called Design a Room which is a point and click area that allows you to choose your room such as a living room or bedroom. From there you can change the floors ceilings, walls and cabinets. You can save all your work and use it as a future reference or change it as you see fit.

The benefits of using these sites are numerous. The best benefit is that you will see what your room will look like before you invest money in furniture, flooring, carpets, paint and cabinets.

Another great tip for online decorating sites is that there is a website that young girls who love red orating and design can go to. It is called 99 Online Games. This is a site where kids can decorate everything from a Barbie house or turn their bedroom into a princess room. This site will keep kids entertained for hours and will help kids with decorating ideas to decorate their room.

These sites are so much fun and they can be addicting. You will more than likely find yourself decorating your living room at least a dozen times. Today you may choose a tropical theme and tomorrow you may go more modern. Who knew decorating could be so much fun.