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Florida Container Gardening

Those lucky enough to live in the beautiful Sunshine State of Florida already know they are fortunate to enjoy a warm climate year round. This state is known for its delicious oranges and exotic flowers. Since many residents of Florida are retirees, a growing trend is to enjoy the benefits of Florida container gardening. Due to the lovely climate and long, if not indefinite growing season, this hobby is something gardeners can participate in all year and be creative with their choice of containers and plants.

There are a few hints and tips that will help ensure the success of a Florida container gardening experience. The pots are the first step in beginning your experiment. Choose containers that accent your home and are appealing to you. The size only matters in relation to the size or number of plants you plan to put in it. Containers should also have or be able to be modified for drainage holes. Prepare only the number of pots that you feel you have the time to care for.

Florida's warm weather gives the container gardener a lot of different choices in plants. You could design a beautiful display of succulents to enhance your Florida container gardening or even create a unique arrangement of cacti. The choice is really up to the individual. Some things to keep in mind when designing your display are to plant your flowers close together for a cohesive look and put plants with similar needs in the same pot. They are easier to take care of this way and you aren't left wondering why some plants are thriving and others are dying.

Mother Nature is sure to help out with the watering chores, but you will need to help out too. Stick your finger about an inch into the soil; if the soil is dry then it is time to water. Most plants like a steady stream of water as opposed to a deluge. Water the container until there is a steady stream of water coming from the drainage holes. That way you can be assured that the entire pot as been sufficiently watered. If you have cacti or succulents in your Florida container gardening pot, watering will be needed less often as those plants store water in their leaves.

Florida container gardening is a great way to take advantage of the beneficial growing season in the Deep South. The wide variety of plants that will grow in that climate makes sure you will never be bored with the available selection of exotic plants to choose from.