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For many people gardening is therapeutic and energizing. Avid gardeners often remark that the satisfaction they get from growing their own colorful flowers or healthy vegetables is worth any work involved. Gardening is a work of art. The profusion of colors and heights create a delightful display. In container gardening design the gardener has even more choice in the appearance of their creation due to the use of the container itself. The pot becomes part of the masterpiece. The great thing is that almost any container will work for this type of project.

The classic pot choices in container gardening design, like terra cotta and plastic pots are fine to use, but other more creative options create a more unique design. Many container gardeners have used baskets with a plastic liner or wooden crates to get the visual interest they want. Other choices include hollow logs or those decorative tins that popcorn comes in during the holidays. Any container can be used for visual effect. The only requirement is that it can be adapted to provide drainage holes.

The plants you decide to use in your container gardening design are truly the essential part of the design. You will want to use flowers with similar needs. In other words, they should all need roughly the same amount of sun, water, and fertilizer. As with any design, the flowers should have varying heights and colors. A trailing plant looks lovely draping over the side of the chosen container. It is also a good idea to use an odd number of plants. The use of an even number tends to look too uniform. Vegetable gardens can be used for an eye pleasing display as well. The same design theories apply here too. For a profusion of color in your garden look for variegated lettuces and peppers.

It is important in container garden design to match the plants to the container. For example, a display of spiky plants, like ornamental grass would not necessarily look right in an old fashioned wood washtub, but traditional favorites like impatiens and delphiniums would look beautiful. Don't forget to consider the idea of landscaping rocks or stones. They can add a cohesive element to the entire design. They also help to stabilize the plants in their new home.

Container gardening design is only limited by the imagination of the gardener. A little thought and planning can produce a magnificent display for any home whether it is an apartment, condo, or a stunning decoration on the porch of a house. Be creative with the container, find appropriate plants, and get ready to receive your compliments.