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Decoration Planning

Home Decorating On A Shoestring Budget

Freshening up an outdated décor in your home can be done quite easily with a few decorative touches and it does not need to cost an arm, a leg and the family jewels. Thanks to the wonderful modern conveniences available to us, we are only limited by our imaginations.

Color is an important deciding factor when changing the décor of any room. The most effective way to alter the appearance of any space is with a simple and relatively inexpensive coat of paint. Your local hardware store will offer a vast range of color choices and paints, ranging from water based to enamel variants.

For large rooms use bold color choices or pick one accent wall and paint it a darker shade than the rest. For a wall that has a central fireplace for example, paint a broad column of color to frame the fireplace with a lighter shade on either side. Pale colors are better for enlivening the atmosphere of smaller spaces.

Window dressings are the next step in altering the appearance of any space. Whether choosing heavy brocade, light summer fabrics or horizontal or vertical blinds, the quality of the light will be affected by your choices. Freshen the appearance of existing draperies by adding bold swathes of colour or select richly embroidered curtain tie-backs with colour accents that you will repeat throughout the room, in such accessories as cushions or tablecloths.

Another inexpensive way to add flair to décor is with decorative touches including sequins, ribbons and lace. Dress up a circular side table by adding a brightly colored tablecloth with a lace or embroidered chiffon overlay or sew a decorative ribbon along the edge of an existing tablecloth.

With a little DIY know-how it's fairly simple and inexpensive to create extra shelving for storage space. Paint shelves to reflect your selected décor scheme. Hardy enamel paint is a wise choice or purchase shelving in an astounding array of attractive finishes. A number of inexpensive and attractive brackets are available or pick wrought iron shelving with decorative hooks, which can easily support the weight of decorative hanging baskets for an outdoor area.

The floor we walk on is something we rarely give much thought to, but a well-placed rug can draw the focus of the eye and with careful forethought can reflect other decorative accents within the room. A continuous color scheme can give any space an updated feel. Use decorative scatter cushions or richly embroidered pillows in a seating area or bedroom to add a sumptuous feel to your existing furnishings.

Embroidered throws are also a great and inexpensive way to add colour and texture to a bedroom or lounge area. Add a faux fur throw to the foot of your bed for a rich contrast against your existing bedding or drape one with seemingly casual abandon over a couch to create a warm and inviting feel to your seating area.