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Enhance The Beauty Of Your Garden Using Lawn Aeration

Enhance The Beauty Of Your Garden Using Lawn Aeration

If you are a proud owner of a beautifully landscaped lawn and love to throw outdoor parties, then regular lawn aeration is a must to maintain the ravishing look of your lawn. Don’t panic if the term lawn aeration sounds Greek to you for this is just a simple procedure of removing plugs and cores from the your lawn soil thereby making it more porous and healthier for plant growth.

The soil of our lawns loses its porosity and becomes compacted due to heavy usage while walking, running or even during the rainy seasons. The trampled soil is able to hold less oxygen and neither the water nor the nutrients are able to seep deep inside the earth to the plants roots that results in slower plant growth marring the look of your lawn.

Lawn aeration can be done using mechanical lawn aerators, the device having a drum like structure with spoons or tines attached at its base to remove soil cores. Lawn aerators can be hired from any landscaping firm. The following steps will help you in getting your lawn properly aerated:

  • The first important step before starting with your lawn aeration routine is to moisten the lawn soil by watering it thoroughly for a couple of days. For lawn aeration we need moist and not wet soil which may otherwise cling to the aerator’s tines.
  • If you live in an area experiencing heavy rainfall then wait till the soil has dried sufficiently before starting on the aeration procedure.
  • Once the soil reaches a properly moist state you should use lawn aerator to plough out the soil cores. Aerator should be moved in two different directions for better coverage.
  • Another important point to be kept in mind before using an aerator is to mark your garden sprinklers, cable and underground wiring lines carefully so that the aerator tines do not damage them.
  • After taking out soil cores use manure and fertilizers on the lawn surface which will replenish the soil.
  • The best time to carry out lawn aeration in the places experiencing warm climate is in the months of June and July whereas places near the east coast should use land aerators in months of August and September to promote good garden growth

Lawn aeration helps in increasing microbial activity in soil that helps in thatch decomposition. Also the airy soil helps in better penetration of water and other nutrients to the plant roots thereby promoting their faster growth. The other benefits of lawn aeration include increase in the underground water table due to incursion of more rainwater in the soil. Aerate your lawn at least once every year to enjoy and lush and green lawn forever.

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