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´╗┐How To Buy Carpets and Rugs

As you consider the many products on the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed with so many choices in carpets and rugs. How do you know what is top quality? If you are after an oriental rug, for example, how do you know if the company is selling at a fair price? It can become confusing, mainly because there are so many people that are not sure what goes into the process of purchasing these products.

Tips To Buying Quality And The Right Fit

There are several things to keep in mind while shopping for carpets and rugs. First, you need to understand your needs and second, you need to be sure of the product being sold to you.

Know your budget first, before shopping. This way, you know how to narrow down your options. The pricing will be dependent on size, quality, construction and where it was manufactured.

Know the size of the rug you need. Take the time to measure out the room. Lay down a blanket or two to help you to see just how big of a rug you need. This way, there is no guessing about the sizing. You'll be happy about the one you purchase.

As you shop, learn the origin of the rug. If you are purchasing something that is well made, such as an oriental rug, you may want it to come from that region. For example, if you are hoping to find a Persian hand knotted carpet and rug, be sure it was made in Iran.

When purchasing a high quality product, also consider how many knots per square inch are in the rug. The more knots per square inch, the finer in quality the rug is. You can expect to pay much more for this type of rug than others.

The age of the rug is also another factor. In traditional carpets and rugs, you want something that is brand new. On the other hand, when purchasing older carpets, you will pay far more due to the aging of the rug. Also, keep in mind that if you expect to purchase something that is high in quality, you do not want a rug that has been chemically washed.

As you consider the options you have in carpets and rugs, keep in mind a few simple facts. First, most companies will allow you to return a rug but there may be a fee to do so and for a limited time. Additionally, for those rugs that are old, collector's items you do want to ask for a certificate of authenticity. Be aware of companies who promise to provide top quality rugs and are selling less than quality pieces.