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´╗┐What Is Engineered Wood Flooring?

You ventured into the home improvement store and looked at the beautiful hard wood flooring they had available. Then, you noticed something called engineered wood flooring that was not only great looking, but it also promised to be real wood. Plus, it was much less expensive than traditional hard woods. You could actually purchase and install this product. Is it worth doing so? The question is, how badly do you want the flooring to be truly plank style wood.

What Is It?

Engineered wood flooring is made of wood. Rather than the wood planks that would be normally used in traditional flooring, this product is made from the wood particles that are left over after the wood has been cut. These are the shavings and the dust that is left over. It is all brought together in a very sturdy fashion and in terms of durability, this product will not fail you.

Why Use It?

Many people want the beauty that only real wood flooring can offer, but the fact is, wood is expensive in this format, especially if you consider how labor intensive it can be. The initial benefit of using engineered flooring is that it is far more affordable. This product may be quite less expensive.

In addition to this, another benefit is that engineered flooring is easier to install. Most of it is designed to work quite like laminate in that it has a tongue and grove feature. This means that you can easily slide the pieces together, in place. You do not have to use wood glue or nails for installation. More so, this is often a weekend project in that you and a few friends and get an average sized room laid in that amount of time when purchasing this particular tongue and groove type.

Is It Right For You?

Engineered wood flooring looks and feels like real wood, because it is. It has all of the added benefits of laminate though, including its durability. You can count on this product being easy to install, but it does have the drawback of not being true planks of wood. The good news is that no one will be able to tell this since each piece looks and feels just like a wood plank.

As you consider your options in wood flooring, you may just fall in love with engineered wood flooring. You can find it readily available in all of your favorite wood tones and grains. You can also find it well priced year round and not expensive to have installed (if you decide you do not want to do the work yourself.) For many, it is just the right option between laminate flooring and true hard woods.