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Flower Gardening Pictures - An Expression of Everyday Beauty

The incredible beauty of flowers, their extreme accessibility and the intoxicating "spell" they are able to cast on people, who remain awestruck just by looking at them, have caused flowers to be a main subject in photographic art.

This "art of reproducing art," as photography is sometimes called, sees in the flower an ever-prized subject for pictures that will surely be appreciated by a large and varied public. In particular, especially in order to be used in books, magazines or on web pages, flower gardening pictures have become very common.

The beauty of a garden picture does not depend on using the latest super-technological photographic equipment. Many photographers and gardeners alike believe that the actual photo is there even before the "click" of the camera; a well-designed garden or a healthy beautiful flower in bloom is a piece of art just waiting to be captured, regardless of the medium of capture.

It is also up to the author of the picture to bring out as much (or as little) expressed beauty of the particular flower gardening picture. Depending on what the purpose of the picture is, the photographer can choose to focus on a wide area, a small area, flowers or structures in the background or foreground, or individual flowers; he or she can choose to photograph during the day or in the evening, accentuate the sunny parts of a garden or peek in at what's going on in the shade. Moreover, the photographer can choose to directly express his or her thoughts on the scene or leave something to the imagination of the viewer. With this much creativity, a flower gardening picture is never merely a cold reproduction of reality, but an expression of vibrant life.

A good flower gardening picture needs this creative expression, because in the majority of cases, its main function is to attract people, to create an interest in the viewers about what they are seeing. A flower gardening picture should transmit the potential of the art of flower gardening.

Indeed, flower gardening pictures can be found in magazines, flower gardening guides and flower gardening encyclopedias. These pictures are useful to give a gardener an idea of what a finished garden or a particular garden design will look like; these pictures are meant to spur you on to either trying the design for yourself, improving upon it, or deciding to outright any similar ideas (if you don't like the way the design looks).

Furthermore, these pictures will illustrate a particular arrangement of containers or a particular flower that is healthy and in full bloom; again, these pictures are to help the viewer decide on options for his or her garden.

The everyday gardener can even benefit from the use of his or her own flower gardening pictures. Many gardeners recommend keeping a garden journal, full of pictures. The pictures should be "before and after" pictures; take a picture of the spot where you've decided to start planting, then over regular intervals of time, of the gardening coming to life. Make sure to note what flowers were planted when and where. This way, you'll have a future record of what worked and what didn't, and what gardening designs you liked or weren't too happy with.