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´╗┐Creating A Safe Garage

Garages have become a valuable part of every home today. They are used as multi-purpose rooms for crafts, hobbies, woodworking, playrooms, TV rooms, video arcades, and lots of other creative uses. Whether you've officially transformed your garage from dull and disorganized, to orderly and attractive, you will find that it has many uses.

Before you decide your work is done, it's important that you ensure the safety of your garage. Many garages have unsafe surroundings and stored materials that can be a hazard to children and adults. Every home improvement list should include a periodic review of the safety features of every room of the house - and that includes the garage.

Create your own do-it-yourself home improvement checklist for your garage. Be sure to include:

1. Just like your house, and even more so in most instances, your garage is susceptible to carbon monoxide poisoning. Protecting your family by installing a carbon monoxide alarm in the garage is essential for health and safety. There are carbon monoxide testers and alarm systems designed specifically for garages and they can withstand the extreme hot or cold temperatures that may invade the space. They are quick and easy to install and they may save lives.

2. If your garage has steel columns or posts, it's important to create a safety net around them. Children can bump into them while playing, car doors slam against them when opening, and a myriad of other accidents can occur around an uncovered column. Keep your children and your car safer by padding the columns with specially designed column guards. These guards are made of durable, flexible material that molds and fits to the columns. They can save a lot of bumps and potential visits to the urgent care center.

3. Most garage floors are made of concrete and when it is wet, it can be a hazard to anyone. Stepping on a wet concrete floor can result in a serious fall. Your home improvement shopping list should include the purchase of a non-skid, durable doormat.

4. Houses that are built to code should have sturdy handrails along the stairs leading into the house. If you don't have handrails, it's essential to install them quickly. You can purchase handrails in most any length at your local home improvement store. Mounting them to the garage wall is quick and simple and it can save children and adults from injury. If you do have rails already, make sure they are sturdy and in good repair. Replace worn or unstable handrails and save yourself or others from an unexpected tumble down the stairs.

5. Every garage should be equipped with a fire extinguisher. Rechargeable fire extinguishers can be easily installed on the wall of the garage. Be sure the extinguisher is easy to access and clearly visible in case of any emergency. Purchase a fire extinguisher with clips and mounts for your garage.

6. Lots of accidents can occur in the garage. Whether you use it for a shop, playroom, or simply to park your car, you know accidents can occur at any time. Keep a well-stocked first-aid kit in your garage for easy access. Band-aids, gauze, alcohol, and other frequently used first-aid supplies should be included. You can make your own kit or buy one pre-made. Attach it to a hook or basket on your wall for easy access. Not only will it be useful for potential accidents that occur in the garage, it's handy to pick up and carry with you in the car on vacation, to sporting events, camping, or anywhere else you need it.

Don't let the garage be unsafe a day longer. Create your to-do-list and improve the safety features of your garage. Use the space for whatever purpose you choose, but make sure that it is 100% safe. You'll be glad you took precautions to avoid injuries.