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´╗┐Garages As Recycling Centers

Garages are a great place for storage of many types of things. Seasonal items, children's toys, and old furniture often find their way into the garage. Some garages are more organized than others, but most garages end up with a lot of unused or poorly used space too. Garages can actually become a great recycling center for household goods. The garage is an ideal place for children to learn more about the value and importance of organization and recycling at the same time.

Take advantage of the space in your garage to become a more environmentally conscious citizen. If you have children, this is also a great way to teach them healthy habits about caring for the environment. Turning your garage into a "green space" is an easy and fun thing to do for the entire family. It is a home improvement project that pays off in many ways for you and for the world.

First, you need to designate an area of the garage that will be specifically used for recycling. It's a good idea to mark the space off by painting the floor area green or marking it with tape or other visual markers. This makes it clear that this space is especially designed for recycling. Let children create posters, pictures, or murals over the area which depict recycling symbols and methods. Making this a family project is the best way to get everyone involved from the beginning.

Next, visit your local recycling center to obtain various sizes and shapes of recycling bins. Or you can visit your local home improvement store, Wal-Mart, or other stores to purchase recycling containers. They don't have to necessarily be recycling containers. Any shape or size container works for this project. Since your focus is on recycling, be sure to purchase containers that are "recyclable" and environmentally friendly themselves!

Think about the many things your family recycles throughout the year. Don't just focus on cereal boxes, soda cans, and newspapers. There are many more ways to recycle. Clothing, shoes, magazines, toys, electronics, and other materials are recycled all of the time. Set aside bins for each category of recyclable material. Create labels that are clearly visible and use the bins to organize things as you go. This makes it easier when you're ready to take them to the recycle centers or donate them to worthy causes.

Rather than having your recycling efforts focus on piling everything into one big pile in the garage, organize it as you go and you'll not only find recycling is more fun, but your garage is more useful and you have more space. That space can be used more effectively for other things such as hobbies, crafts, woodworking projects, painting, or other things. This home improvement project is one that only costs a few dollars but will save a lot when it comes to the environment.

Do something good for your garage today and the environment will benefit too.