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´╗┐Garages Are For Potting

If you're like a lot of people, you often find yourself hunting and searching through your garage to find just the right gardening tools you need. Whenever seasons change and you're ready to create your potted plants and prepare your garden, you just can't seem to find the tools or the space to get it done when you're ready.

A simple home improvement project that will help you organize and plan better is the creation of a potting bench in your garage. Most garages have enough room for the installation of a potting bench that enables you to organize pots, plants, tools, and other gardening implements easily within reach. These benches also provide the perfect spot for potting and repotting your plants to prepare them for their outdoor life.

A potting bench is the perfect spot for any type of gardening job or other preparation. It's also a good place to store hand tools, flower pots, seeds, and potting soil. Everything can be easily stored at your fingertips. Keeping your potting bench in your garage also makes it possible to work during rainy weather too. Your supplies and materials are protected from the weather's elements and you have a good place to work, rain or shine.

For this do-it-yourself project, you'll want to start with a good work surface that is about 40 inches high. The higher bench allows you to work while standing without putting pressure on your lower back. A higher stool can be used for seating when needed. You can purchase a ready-made potting bench or you can make your own. Either way, the bench should be made of high-quality materials with a deep work area. The bench doesn't have to be elaborate or fancy, so building your own is a good option. If you build it, consider including a raised edge around the top to catch dirt and mess that may spill out of pots. This makes it easier to clean-up later.

Make sure your potting bench has shelves underneath for storage of items. You can build stationery shelving or shelves that can be moved to different heights. Either way, be sure that there is one shelf for taller pots or bags of potting soil and smaller ones for small gardening tools and other items. Drawers are nice but not necessary since you can use buckets and pots to hold gardening implements easily.

Attach various types of hooks underneath and around the edge of your potting bench. This will help you keep your bench and your garage organized. You can store your gloves, apron, hat, and other things on these hooks. They are also good for hanging gardening and shop tools for easy storage and retrieval.

Garage walls are the perfect place for pegboard. Take advantage of the space above your potting bench in the garage to add a pegboard where you can attach hooks for expanded storage.

Lighting is also important so make sure your garage has adequate lighting. You can simply add a shop light or a fluorescent lamp in the work area. Light will make it more appealing to work in your garden space.

Take advantage of the space you have in your garage and create a potting bench where you can work year-round. It's the perfect spot to prepare your plants for their new life on the outside. This is a great home improvement project that will benefit your home both inside and out.