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So, your hobby has become an obsession and now you're thinking of becoming a master gardener, but what does this mean? Many people decide to take their love of gardening to the next level and join master gardener programs offered at universities and extension agents across the United States and Canada. These programs offer valuable training and information in exchange for volunteer hours. So, what kind of master gardener gardening supplies might you need for such a program? It will range from supplies for teaching to gardening.

Some of the activities one might be asked to do are:

- Give lectures
- Attend or host exhibits
- Do demonstrations or community projects
- Pass information on to students, seniors or others

In addition to these volunteer activities, one will get to take part in training courses taught by the extension agent or university. Training can range from lawns, organic and vegetable gardening to different techniques against weeds and pests. In the end, one may end up with a large number of master gardener gardening supplies in the tool shed because of the depth and breadth of material covered.

Master Gardener Gardening Supplies For Teaching

Obviously, exhibits require some creativity and planning. There are paper costs, and photocopying. If planting a community project one will have to locate and buy sufficient plant material. In addition, transport of the plant material and equipment becomes important.

Today's master gardener may even want a computer and some software to be able to instruct students in a classroom setting using PowerPoint or landscaping software. Being a master gardener isn't just about being out in the dirt and the sunshine but carries a commitment to pass along the information to other people in the community.

Master Gardener Gardening Supplies For The Garden

One can be pretty sure of spending a lot of time in the garden as a master gardener. So, comfortable garden shoes, kneepads, gloves and hats are essential. Sunscreen and bug spray will also be important as the season progresses. Supplies for projects like plants, soil, fertilizers, pesticides and mulching will need to be bought at different times. A master gardener eventually even adds a suitable car with plenty of storage capacity for transporting these materials from site to site. This can be a pickup truck with a large bed.

The standard gardening tools of shovels, picks, spades, hoes, and rakes will end up being bought, along with power garden tools to ease the efforts in the garden. If more specialized work is expected, like planting bulbs, a bulb planter may end up being an essential tool in a master gardener's tool shed. It all depends on what area they are working with and what projects they are doing. It can be certain, however, that a master gardener will be involved in a variety of projects and need a large assortment of master gardener gardening supplies.