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Water Gardening Supplies

Hire someone to do a water garden for you, and very likely, it will be an expensive affair. Do-it-yourself (DIY) and you may find yourself pleasantly surprised by how inexpensive and easy water gardening supplies have become. Whether it's a container water garden or a backyard pond project, there is a wealth of information for anyone who dreams of the sounds of quiet waterfalls at home.

Container Water Gardens

There's something very satisfying about creating our own water gardens from scratch. It's a creative endeavor that allows us to explore our personalities and see them manifest in the final design. Many people like the Asian-themed water gardens and these can range from calm still waters with lotus flowers floating in a bin to more dynamic tiered waterfalls in large vertical sculptures.

To assess what you will need for water gardening supplies, depends largely on the project you are undertaking. A simple container water garden can be made with indoors by simply rooting plant cuttings in water on your windowsill. A larger one can be made with plastic containers or lined containers that hold water pond plants like water hyacinths or bog plants. Add a pump, and your container can even have the pleasant sound of trickling water.

Larger Water Gardens

Larger ponds will take more complex water gardening supplies. The amount of work also increases substantially. However, many companies now sell complete do-it-yourself kits that come complete with instructions. If you aren't too concerned how long it will be before your water feature is ready, then buy one of these and do it as a weekend project. It may take several weekends, but it will be done eventually.

The water gardening supplies for ponds come with liners for the hole to retain water, plastic tubing, skimmers and filters, and other water treatment and pond materials.

Stocking And Maintaining Your Water Garden

Once the container is ready, water plants have to be selected and fish might be desirable for a complete ecosystem. However, putting too many fish will increase the amount of wastes in the pond that can overtax the pond filters and promotes algae growth.

Algae are a situation that can occur and needs treatment occasionally. Include in your list of water gardening supplies, products to prevent or clear algae that contain beneficial bacteria for your pond. Barley straw is also sometimes used to reduce algae.

Whether a large pond water garden or a small container water garden, the water gardening supplies are now easy to get online and to do it yourself. With just a little instruction, a beginner can become an avid water gardener in no time.