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How To Find Discount Gardening Supplies

We love to garden but pots, plants, and tools can add up to a hefty penny. We may have a dream to fill our huge lot with all manner of vegetables, fruits, and flowers, but don't have the equipment or the plant stock to do it. Knowing where to find discount gardening supplies helps us to establish our gardens more quickly, and gives us the joy of knowing we can still remain in budget. The trick is knowing when, where, and how to find discounts. Sometimes, in the height of the planting season, we may wonder if discounts even exist. They sure do, but you have to plan ahead.


By far, the best time to get discount gardening supplies is after the season is over! Many home and garden stores will discount plants and supplies to make room for next year's merchandise. Buying perennials near the end of the season is a good way to build up the garden by planting them with enough time to get them to develop roots before the winter sets in. The aim is not to necessarily see them flower this year, but to build up your garden with for next year with discount gardening supplies.


While many retailers are also making way for winter, online retailers will be gathering discount wares and slashing prices as well during the fall season. Here one can find tools, decorative items for the garden that can be bought now at savings and stored for next year's season. Don't forget to shop online for discount gardening supplies.

Discounts In Season

Some people like to go to the sources where nurseries are growing in large quantities. These nurseries can offer discounts for big orders on plant stock or sometimes they are simply cheaper because they are grown en masse and have more stock available.

Are you headed to Florida for a vacation? They sell tropical plants there that are more expensive elsewhere in the country. A little private shipping on your part, and you can have some nice indoor additions to your indoor garden.

Join A Garden Club

A garden club will be able to trade plants and knowledge amongst members. Some of this knowledge is where the best discounts are located. Many people in garden clubs know where the best sales are.

Discount warehouses and Stores

By joining a discount warehouse, one can sometimes find wonderful discount gardening supplies. If it is not a discount store but a membership warehouse, it will mean signing up and paying a membership fee. How often you buy and how much will determine how much you eventually save. But, these are also good options for discount gardening supplies.

When we have big dreams for our gardens, it helps to know that there are places we can get good discounts to help us make our dreams come true. By understanding where, when, and how to get a good discount it will make buying those gardening supplies fun and thrifty too!