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If you live in the South, you know how things tend to grow, and grow, and grow. If your garden is not maintained or tended, the grass gets unruly, the tree branches encroach, and the bushes overtake your property. If you've just moved from a town home or apartment to your own residential home, it can be hard to figure out how to beat back the forest. You have to buy an assortment of home gardening supplies for lawn, bushes, trees, and even walkways.

Home Gardening Supplies For Your Lawn

While a beautiful expanse of green is a welcome site, an overgrown yard can in some districts now merit you a city fine. One has to buy a decent lawn mower to keep the grass cut. Whether electric or gasoline-powered, the lawn mower is the largest most essential tool you need to maintain your yard. All other home gardening supplies are less costly and smaller. For instance, after you purchase the lawn mower, you'll probably want a weed trimmer, a wheel barrel, and a rake. Although getting a lawn mower that has a built-in bag saves much of the cleanup time.

Home Gardening Supplies For Bushes And Tree Branches

Unless you buy bushes that have a slow yearly growth rate, you'll probably need to trim bushes back a number of times. Like lawn mowers, bush trimmers come in electric and gasoline models. Or you can simply buy hand shears if you don't have too many bushes. Some flowering bushes need to be trimmed after flower in the spring, and others need to be trimmed before they flower. If last year's growth includes buds, more than likely you want to wait to trim if you want to see flowers. You also want to keep bushes away from the foundation of the home so they do not collect moisture and cause rot.

Tree limb cutters are essential for little sprigs or branches that start to pop up everywhere. Some are long-handled pruners, others are saws, and some are even electric. What's great about the long-handled pruners is that they reach far up to those limbs that may be compromising your roofline without having to get out a ladder.

Home Gardening Supplies For Walkways

Why would we need a gardening supply for the walkways? It's all the little crevices that grow weeds that can compromise the integrity of the walkway that need to be pulled or trimmed. If you want to do it in a mechanical fashion, buy a weed whacker. These wonderful modern day tools have a little thread of nylon that is very efficient for crevices in walkways. If you want to do it chemically, buy some weed killer and spray it on the walkway to keep the weeds down.

It may be a constant battle to fight back the forest from invading your home, but many people don't mind and consider a worthwhile pursuit for the sweetness of home.