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Wholesale Gardening Supplies

To buy wholesale gardening supplies, one usually has to be in business and have a business license, like for a nursery, or a reseller's license. Typically, wholesalers do not sell to the general public and reserve their special prices for those that are in business. But, there are still good deals out there that can be had at close to or near wholesale prices.

If You're Thinking Of Going Into Business

Then you want to be able to prove your business is viable and that you deserve wholesale prices. One can do this by scouting out the yellow pages for wholesalers or networking with other businesses to find the location of a good supplier for wholesale gardening supplies. Be prepared to give them your reseller's number or prove that you are a business owner.

If You're Not In Business But Still Want A Good Deal

Try going to places that have large quantities of wholesale goods for the general public. For instance, Florida has huge nurseries and buying in bulk can get one close to wholesale prices. So, if you don't live in Florida but want wholesale gardening supplies prices, maybe a trip there could be justified if you knew you'd save a lot of money getting plants for your gardening hobby.

Grow Your Own Wholesale Plants

Wouldn't it be great if we could get our own wholesale gardening supplies for close to free? We sure can. Its called rooting cuttings. You go out and get a bunch of small cuttings from friends, peoples, business, and root them in your own garden, tending them little by little until they grow bigger. Then, you basically got a wholesale plant from a rooting. Obviously, wholesale gardening supplies would then consist of rooting compound, misters, and growing kits. But, with a little effort one can grow a large variety of plants this way.

Wholesale Clubs For The Public

Here's a way to get close to wholesale prices without being in business: join a wholesale club. There is an upfront membership fee and variety may be limited, but price will be close to wholesale. If you're not picky about the type of wholesale gardening supplies you want to get, then a wholesale club can offer some really good deals.

So, when thinking wholesale, don't assume you have to be in business to get good deals. If price is the main consideration, then don't be too picky and go where the deals are. If you want to specialize and get a large variety of wholesale goods, then think about starting a business so you too can take advantage of the world of wholesale.