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If you have young children and want to still be out in the garden working, one quick solution is to find some children's gardening tools. There are many on the markets that are made just for children. There are some toys that could be used in the garden, but these might not be sturdy enough and could break while you're child is using them, you should check if you decide to let you're child use a toy for gardening work.

If you decide to buy some children's gardening tools for your child then you can think about setting aside a part of the garden for them to use their tools. Children's gardening tools are a great chance for your child to do something fun. If they are out in the garden with you then you can watch them. Once you're garden starts to grown they can see how much fun it is taking care of plants.

With buying children's gardening tools think about how old you're child is. These tools should fit into their hands. If you have older children that want to play in the garden also then take them to the local garden shop and have them try out some of the tools that you have. You might find that some of the tools there will be all right for them to use also.

If you are worried about your child hurting themselves if you don't buy children's gardening tools then you should see if you could find some tools that are sturdy but made of a something other then metal. With having you're children in the garden you can teach them about plants if you have the time.

Teaching your children about plants can be fun, you can start with by planting part of you're garden in themes from things that you can use on a pizza, tomatoes and herbs, or a butterfly garden that has bright flowers. You could also plant your garden around all types of vegetables and let your children pick them straight from the garden.

You can also take pictures of the growth of your children's garden by taking a picture every day. This can show how far the garden has come since you started it. Most of all let your child have fun if you decided to get some children's gardening tools. They'll be able to send time with you where you can keep and eye on them. Plus if they are out in the garden they can learn about nature and how things grow. Getting children's gardening tools for your children can be a great idea for the long summer months!