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Helpful Gardening Tips

Gardening can be fun and productive. There is something about being able to grow one's own herbs for cooking, or flowers to beautify the home. Gardening can be done just about anywhere, under any conditions. Each kind of gardening will have its own set of gardening tips. The following are tips that can be useful for many new gardeners.

1. Decide why you want a garden and where it will be. Do you want to provide fresh vegetables for yourself and your family? Do you want plants to liven up your home? Do you want to watch nature in your backyard? Many plants can be grown that will attract butterflies and other "wildlife" to your yard.

2. One of the most important, yet frequently ignored, gardening tips: Plan. Yes, it is a four-letter word, but it is necessary for a healthy, productive garden. Where will it be? How much time can you give to it? How accessible will it be? How large a garden do you want or need? You might start a garden on the spur of the moment, but successful, long-term gardens need to be planned.

3. If you are planning a container garden, you may not need these gardening tips - unless you are thinking about putting dirt from the outside into your container. A better choice would be to decide how large a container you want/need and buy prepared potting soil, or prepare the soil before you plant.

4. Recognize which plants might be toxic to animals. Just because humans can eat certain plants doesn't mean all animals can eat them.

5. If you are planning a large garden outside, one of the most popular gardening tips is to consider organic gardening. This is gardening without the use of chemicals and pesticides.

6. Have fun. Unless you are a farmer by occupation, you got into gardening because you wanted a useful hobby, or to relax, or to be able to produce better products than you could buy in a store. Don't make it a lot of work. If you don't enjoy it, don't do it.

There is something about putting one's hands into good soil that appeals to many people. When that good soil can produce vegetables or flowers or both, many people want to do better "the next time around". Maybe your first gardening effort wasn't overwhelmingly successful, but you probably learned a lot in your first attempts at gardening. Review these gardening tips for the next garden; research other gardening tips, and your next garden should be more successful. Soon, people may ask you where you got your green thumb!