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Gardening Sites

The Internet is a virtual 24 hour / 7 days a week library and shopping mall combined when it comes to finding a gardening site. Certainly there are a number of one-stop major name shopping sites available but there are also a good share of "mom and pop" sites around the world that are maintained by individuals who do it for the sheer love and joy of gardening.

Although a gardening site may focus on one type of plant or flower, many a gardening site will include everything from rare and exotic orchids to award winning world-class roses. Paradoxically, the more popular and well-known a gardening site is to the general public, the more likely it is able to develop a sense of community and encourage frequent participation by newcomers as well as longtime members.

The larger the number of visitors a gardening site has the more likely it is to offer a variety of different resources and continue to grow in depth of information provided. For example, one of the most well-known and well-organized gardening site initially chose to focus on access to tools and directories concerning gardening. Gradually over time as the gardening site gained in popularity and name recognition, this gardening site expanded to include, among many other things:

- A thorough glossary
- Photo galleries
- Shopping area selling supplies, gifts, and mail order sources
- Ask the expert section
- Forums

One of the most recent and popular of gardening site offerings is the personal gardening "blog". Short for web log, a gardening blog is a type of gardening site that is akin to an online gardening journal. Gardeners have known for centuries that keeping a record greatly increases both the success and enjoyment of gardening. On the personal gardening site or blog, journalers "blog" about things such as when they fertilized and what type or brand they used, when and what seeds they started, as well as pictures of the many things they have both successfully and unsuccessfully grown. The ability to interact as well as both ask and receive feedback from other gardeners is one of the reasons most frequently cited for the tremendous increase in the number of personal gardening web sites over the past few years. As new gardeners and experienced gardeners can gain a great deal from a personal gardening site, the number of such gardening blogs is expected to continue to dramatically increase over the coming decade.

From tropical foliage to desert cacti, the tools, materials, and information needed by gardeners to successfully grow just about anything is out there on a gardening site waiting to be put to use.