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´╗┐Green Power and Canada's Fights With The Pine Beetle

Green power and Canada is an advocate for the development of alternative sources of electricity to prevent the effects of global warming. The forests that were once lush and green are now dying off from the infestation of the mountain pine beetle. Anywhere in the forests that you see evergreens that have turned red, you can see that these pine trees are either dead or dying. There are many sources of green power and Canada's rich countryside has many wind turbines generating clean electrical power. There are other sources of green power and Canada's waterfalls are a valuable source of hydroelectric power.

Green power and Canada contributes to the world's movement toward a totally clean and renewable electricity source. Green power and Canada's effort to provide electrical power with minimal impact to the environment has been very successful; the federal government has launched a program called Ecologo in 1988 that certifies that the atmosphere, the land and water sources are all in a state of ecological balance to sustain healthy life for all humans, animals and vegetation. Green power and Canada operates with the knowledge that global warming is a real threat to the ecology of North America and the entire world.

The developers of green power and Canada specialists say the time to make changes is now. We shouldn't pass the buck to the next generation, but take responsibility for the damage already done to our planet from man's over use of fossil fuels. If every person in North America switched to green energy, whether in the form of solar, wind, hydroelectric or biomass this would stop megatons of greenhouse gas emissions from entering into the atmosphere.

Due to the rapid warming effects, the pine beetles are killing trees that have stood majestically for over 100 years old. The beetles are now attacking younger trees and they are even climbing to higher elevations than they ever had before because the climate is warming a few degrees above normal each year. The campaign for green power and Canada's trained specialists are working with the Canadian government to fight the mountain pine beetle that has infested much of British Columbia. Along with measures to promote the use of green power and Canada's forestry specialists are working hard to keep the pine beetle from spreading. The forests in British Columbia are dying; green power and Canada's government are working hard to stop global warming, by introducing more renewable energy.

Let's not assume that global warming is something that our children will have to worry about; let's take responsibility for the damage than mankind has already done to the environment. Let's preserve the earth so that our children's grandchildren will have clean air to breathe and clean water to drink. If you haven't already made the switch to power green, there is no time like the present.