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´╗┐Save Money With Green Power Light Bulbs

Green power light bulbs are not a name brand of bulb, but they represent compact fluorescent light bulbs (DFL), and light emitting diode (LED) light bulbs; they are a great way to save on your electric bill every month, because they use only 20 percent of the energy that conventional incandescent light bulbs use. What's more, green power light bulbs last 10 times longer than conventional bulbs. For every green power light bulb that you install, you reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 700 pounds throughout the lifetime of one bulb. Green power light bulbs cost more than conventional bulbs, but they are well worth the investment for the savings you will see on your bill.

Green power light bulbs come in 12-volt LED lights, which come in many shapes and sizes, and in CFL light bulbs come in 13-volts. Online you can buy CFL lights in bulk at a cheaper price. Depending on where you shop, you can buy a 10-pack of CFL light bulbs for under $15. LED light bulbs cost a lot more than the CFL light bulbs. Some cost anywhere between $25 and $50 a piece. Most consumers find that the CFL light bulb is the most cost effective green power light source.

Green power light bulbs are much more economical to use than the conventional light bulb. The conventional light bulb is cheap and lasts about 1000 hours. The CFL light bulb lasts between 8,000 and 10,000 hours and can be bought very inexpensively online. Let's look at the LED light bulb; it is much more expensive, but it lasts 10 times longer than the CFL light bulb, and uses even less electricity than the CFL.

Consumers that are interested in saving the environment don't mind paying a little extra for light bulbs. Many people purchase the more expensive LED light bulbs for the lights that are used most often, because they have to be changed less and use less power. Most people start out buying green power light bulbs slowly each time they get paid. At the end of a year they could have every light bulb changed and not have to change a bulb for many months to come.

Saving money on your electric bill isn't all about changing light bulbs; common sense tells us to turn off lights that aren't being used. Turn off the TV and radios when they aren't in use. Many people leave lights on in every room and leave the television or radio on 24 hours a day, and that just wastes electricity. Many people who use CFL light bulbs alone or in combination with LED light bulbs for the majority of their lighting have saved nearly $50 a month on their power bill.

Standard light bulbs come in 60, 75, 100, and 150 watts; this means that for every hour the light bulb is on it uses the wattage specified on the bulb. The CFL light bulbs come in 13-15 watts that equals the standard 60 watt bulb, 20 watts that equals the 75 watt bulb, and the 26-29 watt bulb equals the 100 watt bulb and the 38-42 watt bulb equals the 150 watt bulb. You can see by comparing the CFL wattage to the standard bulb wattage that you will save by switching to green power light bulbs.