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Hiring A Contractor

DIY vs Hiring A Contractor

There are many pros and cons association with the choice of hiring a contractor to do a job or doing it yourself. Many people prefer to take the "Do-It-Yourself" approach so that they can save money on the particular job. Although this maybe one of the factors which should be considered, there are plenty of other factors, too, which play a role in this decision. Such factors may include contacts, guarantees, experience and even time.

There is no doubt about the fact that money is one of the biggest motivating factors when taking on a project on your own as compared to hiring a professional. However, it is important to be clear about the aspects which you are likely to gain or lose when a contractor is hired versus doing the job on your own.


DIY - As far as this factor is concerned, unless you possess prior experience regarding the project, taking up a contractor would be advisable. The only occasion when this may not apply is when you have a contractor who is unscrupulous.

Contractor - An efficient contractor will be able to tell you about all the other jobs that they have done in the recent past for similar clients. This will help you verify the experience that the contractor possesses and so you can be satisfied that you will save money as the contractor will do the job perfectly the first time. In case, this does not happen, the contractor is responsible to fix the job with no extra charges as faulty work is his responsibility.


DIY - In case you mess up the job, you will have to re-do it. There are no guarantees when it comes to doing a job on your own and also many people do not take out insurance either on themselves or on the job. In case you get hurt while doing the job, it will be paid for with your own health insurance.

Contractors - Contractors not only pay insurance for themselves and their workers, but they also take out insurance on the quality of the job. For example, a roofing contractor has to provide a guarantee that the roof will not lead for a particular period of time after the job is finished. In case any areas have to be patched within this particular time period, you will have to pay nothing extra!


DIY - You probably won't have contacts relevant to the particular job and so you probably won't be able to get the best price on materials and other related things.

Contractor - Contractors always have good contacts for everything related to the job. They can help you finish off the job with materials which are both cheap and efficient. Furthermore, they have the advantage of bulk buying and you may be able to get these benefits too.


DIY - Unless you have the right amount of experience, doing a job on your own will undoubtedly take more time than if the same job was done by a contractor. Although you may be able to save money, it is at the expense of time. In case the job is small, DIY might be a good option.

Contractor - In the case of larger jobs, time is a crucial factor. For instance, how long can you go without a sink? How long will your neighbors tolerate your Arizona desert-like landscaping? When contractors provide you with a quote for a job, they also let you know about the timeframe of the job. Weigh out the timeframe quoted by the contractor and that which you will need. Remember that time is money and so make sure that you do not attempt to save money and eventually waste away your time.