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´╗┐Decorating With White or Not?

Do not buy a white couch. Again. Do not buy a white couch. If I could hypnotize you as you read this I would, being that I totally think white sofas and couches should be outlawed.Truthfully I think it is a plan to drive all clean and neat people over the edge of sanity.

A white sofa and matching loveseat with a white rug is often the center photograph in the glossy pages of the home themed fashion magazines. Why?

Again, I think it is a conspiracy to drive normally sane homeowners mad.

Yes, white is the best color to show off your accents and accessories and can be wonderful against a splash of vivid reds and blacks but who has time to clean a sofa?And now with microfiber textiles and strain guard agents would not white be the best base color to start a solid classic base from?

Okay maybe I wanted a white sofa when I was younger and yearned for a classic piece that would change with the fashion trends but now I have experienced life and only want to warn away the would-be white furniture buyer and save them from the expense of professional steam cleaning treatments and arm bending scrubbing that comes along with a white sofa and love seat sets.Here is a guide to help you pick furniture that is the most durable(you will need it).

On the flimsy side I would say Brocade and Tapestry fabrics tend to fray with use. Acetate is not very strong and can fade. Satin or Silk and blends are often thought of as durable in clothing but does not hold up well (especially against pets). Damask is a 50/50 in my book, it has a nice tight weave but is often thought to fade and fray easier then other fabrics.The more durable side you will find cotton. Cotton is a good stand by but always use fabric guard on this highly absorbent fabric. Acrylic is soft to the touch and is resistant to sun fade and wear. Demin has long been used in tent making because to is so durable but is tends to be less formal but if you have kids and pets it may be the way to go (just not in white). Nylon is incredibly durable but the feel is not always the best on a sofa or indoor furniture and my pick is Microfiber fabrics that are really durable and resistant and often are made from polyester. And maybe even easy enough to clean to get in white (did I say that out loud).