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Common Home Decoration Mistakes Involving Accent Items

They say "the devil is in the details". They probably weren't thinking about a well-appointed home when they came up with that age-old maxim, but it certainly is applicable to issues of redecoration. Small things and seemingly tiny decisions can have disproportionate impact on the appearance of your home. It's important to mind the details if you want to create a great-looking home. If you make mistakes with something as seemingly small and innocuous as décor items, it can really negate much of your hard work and smart planning.

In order to avoid torpedoing a great decorating plan with a devilish detail, you might want to consider these three common blunders. They're definitely mistakes you'll want to avoid as you decorate your home.

First, people often lose track of core decorating principles as they put the final touches on a room. After carefully planning and decorating a space based on the timeless and always-accurate notion that less is more, people tend to get carried away with the accent items at the last minute. This often creates an unnecessarily busy and chaotic look in what would otherwise be a calm and serene space. Don't lose track of the basics as you finish up with décor items. Less is more and that goes for the small stuff, too.

Second, do it yourself decorators will frequently develop an uncompromising "relationship" with a decorative item that really shouldn't be a part of the room. Professionals have a detached sense of what works and what doesn't. They won't let their emotional attachment to a certain decorative item dictate its use. Those of us who don't decorate for a living, however, will often fall into the trap. We end up using the wrong things in the wrong places because we like them in isolation—even if they don't work as part of the overall plan.

Third, many first-time decorators will utilize impractical décor items or accent pieces that cut against a room's actually ability to function. They'll see an otherwise perfect coat rack and put it into use even though it will require the people using the space to turn sidewise to move into the next room. They'll create elaborate knick-knack displays that require family members to never make contact with a centrally located set of shelves for fear of disturbing the delicate arrangement. Good decoration happens at the intersection of beauty and function. Accent items are more about aesthetic appeal than they are function, so it's important to be sure that their inclusion isn't tipping the balance of the space too far in one direction.

These are all common mistakes you should seek to avoid when decorating your home. While little things can add a lot to a room, they can undo even more if used incorrectly.