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´╗┐Organizing Your Home

Organizing your home should be the top priority before you start planning for home accents, accessories and the design style to be implemented for your house. Organization not only creates more room and makes the place spacious; it also gives a neat and clean look to the house. Clutter can look very messy and unpleasant while taking away valuable space as well.

Storage areas, kitchen, living room are the areas where you must pay immediate attention with respect to organization. Closet space, foyer and dining/sitting room must be well organized.


You would be surprised how much clutter can be avoided by clever storage designs for the kitchen. Firstly, avoid keeping personal belongings in the kitchen area. A storage rack can be used for appliances that are seldom used. A wooden rack or a steel rack (whichever complements your design style) can be used. Only those appliances which are used regularly should take up the counter space. Food items should be refrigerated and not kept in cabinet shelf. These should be reserved for food ingredients and other essentials required for preparing the food. Smart rolling carts with shelves and drawers can provide a lot of space to store food items.

Living room

Organizing the living room can be more difficult than you expect. This is the primary room where you'll have your guests and spend most of your time with your family members. There are so many entertainment options available that most people tend to clutter their living rooms with TV, Video players, music systems, speakers and other electronic gadgets. First of all decide what you actually need in the room. Unwanted appliances can be shifted to the other rooms. If you have the music system in the room then invest in a trendy CD storage cabinet so that your CD/DVDs are not lying everywhere. Since entertaining guests can include listening to music/watching videos a organized CD shelf will help save a lot of time and trouble when you are looking for a particular CD/DVD. Avoid keeping unwanted sculptures and statues in the living room. Just because you have invested in them doesn't necessary mean you have to place these in the living room. You can place these in your personal rooms or even in guest rooms.


The common bathroom (used by guests and other members) should always be kept clean and in perfect order. A small cabinet should be placed so as to keep essential toiletries. Steel rods can be placed to hang towels etc. One important thing while planning for the bathroom is that everything should be easily accessible.

Dining Room

For private occasions with special guests and friends, dining room is bound to be used. Elegant corner cabinets provide excellent storage and display for fine china and other fragile items. The dining room should not have too much clutter and as much as possible should be kept clear of appliances and storage cabinets.

In addition to the above, you can place colorful storage cabinets and shelves so that the family members can keep their items/belongings rather than keeping them on the sofa or the dining table and then later spending time looking for the same.