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´╗┐Display and Storage Shelves

There are certain items in every house that are yearning to be displayed. Every person has the desire to display his/her best side. Similar is the case with certain house hold items. Dislay items must be so placed to catch the eyes of the casual looker while care also must be taken that the display area is not too loud. They must be subtle in their display. The things we want others to notice must get a fine place in the house. For such items, quality is more important than quantity. Rich woodwork, hardwood and elegant glass panes can really shine here.

The floating shelf is a great way to display the prized possessions. It uses no observable hardware giving the appearance of floating on a wall. Thus, the mounting element of such shelf must be strong and sturdy. The internal mounting on floating shelves available is not always of the best quality. If the item you want to display is light weight, you can go for the look and the design of the shelf. If, however, the item is a bit bulky then select a shelf with steel mounting that is rated at or above the weight it will support (above is usually better).

For dainty or fragile and delicate items, an enclosed casing is more preferable to an open shelf. Although an enclosed casing can cost more than an open shelf but it also provides more protection and thereby reduces the risk of damaging/breaking the delicate piece. Also, certain display cases come with locks so that your possessions are kept out of reach of children. A case made of rich wood can provide a very elegant look to the entire area.

There are certain items which need not be displayed. These items just need a decent storage place. Since such items tend to be bulky as compared to display items, special attention should be given for storage items. A good storage shelf should be of just the right size for whatever it needs to hold so that you don't waste extra space. Storage shelves can even be built with minimum fuss. The storage shelf need not be very pretty or elegant, their main purpose is to store certain thing and thereby reduce the clutter in the house. Your display shelves are the one which needs to make an impact.

The simplest type of storage shelf consists of two brackets mounted on wall studs with a board laid on top of them. These are commonly seen in garage, basements, or other rooms. Storage closets are not kept in and around the living room. The storage closet should be chosen based on what you're going tot use it for i.e what you are going to store in that.