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´╗┐Essential Home Bar Accessories You Must Have

Building you own mini bar at home really is a great idea for someone who fed up with boozy environment of bars. It's not even a difficult task to deal with once you get to know few details about this mini home bar. All you need is a perfect set of home bar accessories that lets you to enjoy a nonstop bar experience right in your home.

Refrigeration is the key factor that plays the major role when we talk about a home bar. So you should get your separate refrigeration equipment for bartending purposes absolutely correct. Wine and beer refrigerators, of late kegerators and ice cube makers are some commonly used types in maintaining liquor. There are some special bar refrigerators available to store many types of liquor at one place including soda. Wine chiller is another good refrigeration appliance that specifically stores wine at perfect temperature without over or under cooling. Ice makers are also very important because you need to depend up on the other sources for ice, it's portable and compact and can be placed at required places with not much hassles. So the quantity of refrigeration is directly proportional to the size of your home bar. When you think of a home bar, your domestic refrigerators or refrigeration equipment might not work well for the cause.

You need to have a set of some bar accessories to give that genuine look to your very own home bar. So here some basic bar accessories are listed.


Cock screws, bottle stoppers, ice tongs, pourers, bottle openers, jiglers, mudlers, bar spoons, ice shakers, bottle holders, screw pulls and wine collars are some widely used barware accessories in bartending.


You need these blenders especially when comes to the matter of cocktails. So it's best to go with specific bar blender than blenders which serves the purpose but aren't bar blenders. Glass blenders, plastic and stainless steel blenders are the three general variants available in this section.

Cocktail shakers

With these cocktail shakers, you can make your own much tastier, rich-in-look cocktails like professionals. Generally the cock shakers are mainly available in stainless steel, of course there some shakers that are available in plastic and glass.


The final accessories that complete your home bar setup. Just like the way each drink differs from one another, the glasses used for drinks like wine, cocktails, beer and whisky change accordingly. Not just for drinking purpose, these shining glasses and tumblers, especially the premium models mean some esteem. There are plenty of glass models available from premium to ok quality to choose, all you have to do is get the right set that matches your bar furniture and outlook.