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´╗┐Home Decoration Is Personal And Long Term

Anyone that has a home wants to make it a personal mark of their style. Be it that the home is an apartment or a big ranch style house to a cozy trailer it is still the same. Everyone wants to make it their home and place to step away from the stress of the outside world. Most people have a handle on their personal fashion style and it is often shown in the apparel they wear but a home style is not as easily changed as a personal fashion statement. Everyone knows that shoes cost less then a couch (well at least most shoes). So, when choosing a style for your home you might want to consider a long range plan.

A home style long range plan does not mean that you must keep everything the same day in or day out. It just means that you should think about a solid base that is versatile and can be change with less expensive accents and accessories. Be careful in your choices of large ticket items like carpet and sofas because these are most likely be staying with you longer then the trends you are seeing in the fashion magazines.

A base style with changing accents can be the way to go in any era. Neutral colors and easy wear textiles can be spruced up with the latest color and texture trends and keep you from being a slave to your home. Slave? You might think, but "house poor" is a term that has indelibly marked itself into the vocabulary of many new home owners because of lack of planning.

An example of thinking through a carpet purchase could be that you may love the seventies style long shag carpet but are you willing the use a rake along with vacuuming to keep it looking fresh? And if you do decide to go with that style and the work to keep it clean becomes to much, will you be able to just go get a new carpet? Most people cannot afford to run out and get new carpet at a whim (although many wish they could after buying that shag).

Making a list of your favorite styles and items you want to purchase will help you look it over and think through the work and effort you will need to keep your style fresh and new for no matter how long you will have to live with it.A two column list with your favorite colors of the moment and the colors you think will last will be one of the first steps to having a home that can change with the trends that come out each new year. Picking a color theme that allows for the vivid and trendy colors to be on the accents and the more neutral and muted color tones to me added as the big ticket items will go a long way to saving you heartache in the future.

Along with your colors you will want to pick easy wear and durable fabrics that can grow with you. That white couch in the silk baroque fabric was great when you are single and had time to steam clean it but what will it look like after you decide to adopt a puppy or start a family? So to recap. Rethink your style and think long term and you may just be able to keep up a great style and eat too!