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´╗┐Home Decoration With A Medieval European Theme

A theme home or at least a theme room is very popular and there are wide verities of ways in which to implement a theme. Selecting and going with a specific period of history is especially interesting since there is much that may be drawn upon. Here we're going to look at some of the ways in which to decorate your home through a medieval European theme. Let's go through this one room at a time.

The bedroom is one of the easiest places to decorate. First off, you'd want a large frame wooden poled four post bed. The poles used to be used for a variety of reasons like hanging netting to prevent against bugs or to hang a screen for added privacy. During the Middle Ages in Europe, most homes (of the elite at least) had stone floors (unlike hearth floors), so you may opt to have granite or limestone tiles on the floor. If you really want to get rustic, rough hewn tiles of large sizes may be preferred, but these are not easily available and could be dangerous to walk on.

Windows too would be of thick wood, and would have shutters also made from wood. These would have thick drapes, primarily to protect from the cold of winter. The toilet and bathroom would be interesting to decorate indeed. Back in the day, the Europeans had the facility of using a chamber pot which was placed in the bedroom and regularly taken away to be emptied. However, the toilet cover may be made out of wood to go with the feel of the theme. Sinks and faucets may be made out of bronze. The lighting would ideally be hidden and golden, to give the effect of hidden torches.

Living spaces would have a copious number of drapes and wall hangings. Again, lighting should be golden and hidden. All chairs and sofas would be made of thick wood, polished to a deep color. Cushions should be placed on these to be sat on. People of means had study areas with book shelves and bars, so these may be added in appropriately, again, all constructed out of thick wood. The dining space should ideally consist of a large rectangular table with straight-back chairs. The ceiling may have a retracting chandelier of either lamps or candles (although it would be appropriate to use electrical lighting here today).

There's much that can be done on the outside of the house. The first being placing granite tiles on the outside of the house, so that it looks like it's constructed out of stone. All paths may be of cobbled stone and this could be extended to the driveway too. The garage could be modeled like as if it were a stable.