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´╗┐Giving Your Bathroom The Spa Look

A visit to the spa is almost a necessity in this day and age of worries and hectic lifestyles. Yet given the expensive nature of a spa treatment not many can afford this luxury. However, there are ways to give your bathroom a comfortable, peaceful and tranquil spa like ambience in a few simple steps. To begin with, you will need to reconsider the wall color particularly if your bathroom is painted white. The ideal choice would be to go for pastel colors like peach, apricot, slate blue or sunny yellow. Coupling all white accessories with brighter colors will produce an amazing effect. A bright yellow is best suited for a small space without windows while a soft pink or mauve looks equally spectacular.

The most important thing to do before you give your bathroom a makeover is to de-clutter it. Most bathrooms are full of little knick knacks which should firmly be placed in storage racks. If you think that you have too much stuff and don't want to discard any of it use a decorated wooden box to store them.

Try contrasting the color of the towels with the wall color. Instead of placing the towels on the rack use a basket decorated with ribbons and faux flowers to hold the towels. You will also need candles in various shapes and sizes. Try getting ones with aroma therapy oils in them. Place them near the mirror so that the light is reflected and near or around the bath tub. Nothing can invigorate your bathroom like flowers and plants. Replace the bath rug and place a fresh spa rug in front of the tub to give your bath room the spa look.

Use small natural shrubs placed in corners and small flowering plants at the basin. If you think that taking care of natural plants seems needlessly cumbersome you can always opt for faux plants. You can also place dried flowers or potpourri with a few drops of essential oils for a soothing calming touch. Small crystal containers are perfect for holding the potpourri.

If your bathroom has a window use a light lacy fabric to add to the appeal use the same fabric to make a shower curtain. If possible incorporate a few strings of beads casually thrown over the curtain rod to give your bathroom a magazine chic look. You can also change the door knobs if they look worn out

You will also need a small basket with soaps of different sizes and fragrances and another one that has small bottle of essential aroma therapy oils. These are readily available at most bath and body product shops. The ones to go for are lavender, patchouli and jasmine. Also invest some money in bath salts and bubble baths. Finally put on some relaxing music, get your bath ready and enjoy a long relaxing hour in your own private spa.