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Getting New Drapes For Your Home

Getting new drapes for your house is usually the most inexpensive way to give your house a fresh look. There is certainly no dearth of options to choose from. However, there are many factors to consider before you buy drapes for your home such as the color of the walls, the amount of sunlight, the dimension of the window and the décor of the room.

The first thing to decide will be the color of the curtains. It's important that the drapes suit the color of the walls you don't necessarily need to opt for the same color but choosing a complementary shade will be better than choosing a contrasting color. Particularly, if you are using dark colors, contrasting them will make the room look garish. If you have used wall paper in your home go for drapes with no prints on them or at least a print that does not clash with the wall paper. Also, if you choose a contrasting color match it to the other accessories in the room like the furniture or the rugs.

The next thing to choose will be the thickness and texture of the fabric. If you want to give your house a breezy and light look you will need see through light curtains where as thick fabrics are perfect against cold as well as again sunlight but you will need to move them away every time you want some light in the room. The choice of fabric also depends on the décor of your house. For instance, silk or velvet curtains look the best in Victorian style homes but lighter cotton curtains are most suitable for country style homes. Also, the choice depends on how you are going to use the curtains delicate fabrics are simple not suitable for household with kids and pets.

Once the fabric is chosen you will need to decide on the style of panel which can change the mood of the room. You can choose from elegant goblet pleats or simple rod pockets. Most of the styles can be seen in design magazines so go through a few of them before deciding. The length will can be decided on the basis of where the curtain ends in relation to the floor. You can choose floor length which just brushes the floor, the trouser length which breaks on the floor or the puddle length which as the name suggests forms soft folds on the floor.

You can buy ready to use curtains from home decor shops or buy custom made versions from the internet or from a designer. Since the later are more expensive always get home a small sample of the fabric and tape it next to the window. This will give you a fair idea of how the drapes will look in different lights that is sunlight and artificial light and also if the color sits well with the walls and other accessories in the room.