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´╗┐Ideas For Designing A Garden

Most of us want to have a small garden in our back yards, our very own tropical haven. A garden can not only be a wonderful addition to your home but can also be the prefect spot for summer parties and to relax with a glass of wine after a taxing day.

You will need to start by choosing the type of plants that you want in your garden. If the garden is in the backyard many people like to go for vegetables and edible flower shrubs. However, if you have a suitably large space you can devote a part of it to vegetable plants and use the remaining space to create an enviable natural setting. Make a rough plan of your garden demarcating the different areas that you would like to allot for the various plants. As a rule you may want to put the vegetable garden in the rear while the ornamental plants and flowering shrubs should be used in the front or the exposed area. You may want to use a garden path to segregate the areas.

A good garden should have some form of seating arrangement preferably a bench or at least outdoor chairs and the seating arrangement should have a separate area devoted to it. Once your plan is ready you will have to get the soil ready for plantation. Start by removing the grass and other weeds with the help of a herbicide and then cover the area with a black plastic sheet to make sure that the weed roots are killed.

Next decide on the flower and plants that you intend to use. As a thumb rule for a flower bed, each row should have flowers of only one color so that each row can stand out individually. The choice of plant should depend on the climatic condition the availability of water and the amount of time you can devote to them. The plants used in the different rows should vary in height. The shortest plants should be used in the first row and the tallest should be used in the outermost row. Ideal choices include, yellow Dahlias, Marigolds, red Cornflower, Purple Astor, gerberas, petunias etc. It is important to choose plants with similar water requirements so that you can time the drip system. Also use plants with similar blooming patterns. After the plants are chosen you will need to prepare the soils by adding compost, fertilizers and nutrients before planting them. Remember to keep enough space between two plants to allow them room to grow. Once the flower beds are planted you can then move on to the non flowering bushes and plants.

To design an inexpensive garden walk use scrap wood for stepping stones or you could buy chips but this will be an expensive option if you intend to have them blown in. Finally once the garden path has been put in you are ready to add the final touch a white park bench or you can rummage through local garage sales to find antique garden chairs.