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´╗┐Decorate Your Windows In Style

Do you have a window that lets the whole world see your movements? Perhaps you have a house being built closer to you than any other and it's time for a window treatment. There is a simple solution and a stylish solution to keep your house private. You really need your privacy.

Depending upon how much privacy you want, there are different patterns and degrees of privacy offered from companies that supply a vinyl type covering for windows. You will choose the pattern and degree of privacy, but you will still get light.

Home Depot, Lowe's and various Internet sellers, like Glass Deco, offer stylish window coverings in great patterns like ivy, stained glass and all sorts of muted colors. Glass Deco will mail samples for a small fee and then deduct the amount from you purchase.

Prices cover a fair range, but you will be able to purchase a very good quality covering for about $8.00 per foot. The film width is listed in the description and will probably be about 36 inches wide.

Measuring your window is so very important. The film needs to be cut at a company like Glass Deco, but you will have to buy rolls at some other stores. It is important to be accurate because the beauty of the finished window should not look like patch work. If there is a pattern, you have to allow extra product.

Measure, purchase and get ready for a delightful new window dressing. Some product considerations will limit what you can purchase, but there are many designs so pick the one that suits ALL your needs.

When your package arrives, re-measure everything. Sketch out how you will go about getting accurate cuts and follow any directions that came with the package of window film.

You will need to have sharp scissors, marking pen or marker, yard stick, and a smooth flat surface on which to work.

At the window itself, you will need to clean your window, then spray with a bottle of soapy water. Working quickly, separate the film from the backing and spray the sticky side of your window film. You will also need a squeegee and a sharp Exacto knife.

Take the cut piece and place the soapy side to the soapy window. Now you can slide the window film to cover the window. A small squeegee is necessary for remove all the bubbles and soapy water. When you are happy with the placement, trim excess window film with a sharp blade.

Within an hour or less, you have transformed your window into a beautiful privacy curtain that you never have to wash and iron or make sure it is closed properly. This DIY project is relatively inexpensive in time and money. Enjoy your new window!