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A hundred years ago many people grew the plants from which they then made home remedies to treat everyday problems such as toothache or the common cold. Although home remedies from the garden has gone out of fashion - most people would sooner just go to the drug store for simple remedies, it may still have a place.

Over the last fifteen years or so there has been a huge increase in the number of people who garden and who find it enjoyable and rewarding. This rekindled interest in growing things has also meant an increase in the number of people who undertake organic or natural home gardening. More people who own gardens or lease allotments are also growing their own vegetables so it seems reasonable to assume that the next step will be home remedies from the garden.

Chillies are meant to be very good for the common cold so if you have chillies growing in your garden then perhaps this could be your first try at using home remedies from the garden. In fact there are a number of herbs that might be used as home remedies from the garden to help alleviate the common cold. Chillies are the best because they are the most antiviral, but unless you are used to taking them they could upset your digestive tract. In this case you would be swapping one problem for another. If you start introducing it gradually into your diet then your system will get used to it. Then, if you grow chillies you will be able to use them as home remedies from the garden.

People who are interested in making up home remedies from the garden will often be growing Echinacea. This is extremely effective in the early stages of a cold because it stimulates the production of white blood cells getting them to travel more quickly to the area of infection and fight off the invaders. Elderberry is another plant that has been used in home remedies from the garden, it too is useful in treating the common cold. Some people make the elderberries into wine or tincture. It helps to prevent cold and flu viruses from replicating so that they cannot infect the body any further.

If you can grow garlic then that is useful in home remedies from the garden as it is often referred to as a natural antibiotic. When garlic cloves are cut or bruised then a powerful and natural antibiotic is released. Some people use it as a daily tonic to stimulate health and prevent recurring respiratory infections.