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Gardens are becoming more important to a lot of people, so much so that more people start gardening with a view to embarking on a home based gardening business. There are a number of ways that people do this. Some of them sign up for a franchise where they distribute products under a well know name while at the same time giving them some scope for selling their own produce.

Others who want a home based gardening business will set up an office in their own garden and help other people to plan a garden. This way of operating a home based gardening business is becoming more popular. Every day you can find advertisements for people who are willing to help you landscape your garden or help you with buying plants and starting a lawn. Still others with a home based gardening business go around doing other people's gardening for them. This can range from a one man/woman outfit who go around cutting people's hedges and mowing their lawns-to starting a garden from scratch for a client.

Some people who have a home based gardening business get involved in garden makeovers. Garden makeovers are very popular and there is a growing number of television programs devoted to garden makeovers. Businesses that deal with garden makeovers have to be prepared to turn a wilderness into a beautiful garden within the space of a week or less. This can involve a complete clearing of the garden and garden rubble. Sometimes spaces are clear and the garden makeover simply involves making the garden attractive - putting in a water feature and a deck is quite a popular practice. Another thing that people involved in garden makeovers will do is color coordinate the plants in a garden.

If you want the kind of home based gardening business that involves selling your own cut flowers and fruit and vegetables then you really need to have a fair expanse of land. This is not something you can do from an ordinary back yard because you will not be able to grow enough produce to keep up with demand. If you do have this much space and are determined to start up this kind of home based gardening business then there will be a lot of competition. Probably the best thing to do is to find one or two things that you grow really well and carve yourself out a niche. There are home based gardening businesses like this where people will drive considerable distances in order to get special kinds of tomatoes or organically grown cabbages. If your gardening techniques are organic and you produce organic vegetables then you might be able to carve yourself a niche in your area.