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Planning to overhaul your garden - or have you just moved into a house with a garden? Whichever it is, if you decide to do your on gardening then you will need to get the right gardening supplies.

The first thing you should do if you have a garden is to clear it of weeds, scrub grass and any rubbish. If you need to shift a lot of rubbish then it is worth contacting a home gardening supplies depot to hire a skip to put it in. Once your garden is clear then you will need to put down some weed killer. If you want to do your gardening organically then you will need to pull them all up by hand. Your home gardening supplies should include a strong spade and garden rake. If you intend your gardening to be organic then the best thing you can do is to dig the garden over. Go as deep as you can in order to make sure that you have the weeds pulled out by their roots. Once the garden has been dug and the weeds pulled the ground will need to be raked over.

Among the home gardening supplies you will need if you want to do things organically is plant and soil food. The best soil is arrived at through regular feeding and watering - organic gardening and decent soil rely on hard and regular work. Home gardening supplies depots are often good sources of information and tips for getting the best out of your garden. So when you go to replenish your home gardening supplies it is well worth taking along any questions you may have, and asking one of their experts. When you begin your gardening in earnest you will find that there are some home gardening supplies that will need replenishing regularly.

You will need a ready and constant supply of plant and soil food. If you plan to grow at least some of your plants from seed then besides the seedlings you will need other home gardening supplies. You will need some soil and seedling boxes to start your plants off. Once they are showing what look like healthy shoots; then providing it is not too cold it is time to plant your seedlings outside. To do this you will need a small rake, hoe and shovel. You might also want some thread so that you can mark out the space before you put in the next row of seedlings.

Most important among home gardening supplies is the watering can. Get yourself a good one because you will be using it most days. Both the plants and the soil need plenty of water. If you make sure that you have the right home gardening supplies then your gardening efforts should be successful and rewarding.