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The Home Depot gardening section has a wide range of products to fill all of the needs of the home gardening enthusiast. Do you need gardening equipment? At Home Depot gardening machinery includes tillers, cultivators, mowers, chippers and shredders. If you're looking for hand gardening tools like shears, clippers, shovels, pruners and rakes, they are in the Home Depot gardening section. Home Depot gardening supplies include seed, fertilizers, pest control products and plants. The gardener will also find landscape supplies, watering equipment, storage sheds, greenhouses and even seasonal garden decorations. At Home Depot gardening tips are available to help you get the maximum enjoyment from your garden.

According to the Home Depot gardening tip on planting flowers, the best time to plant is not a warm sunny day, but an overcast day when rain is expected. That first shower will do your new plants good. Plant your annuals and perennials just after of just before the season's last frost date. In the North, perennials should be planted in the early fall. In the South, they can be planted in late fall.

Choose your new plants carefully. You want short, sturdy plants with just a few flowers and healthy foliage. Don't buy plants that are spindly, wilted or discoloured. When you knock the plant from its pot, keep as much of the rootball as possible. If the roots are well tangled, it's a good idea to cut them or pull them apart by hand. This will allow them to spread out into the soil.

It is best to pinch the flowers off a new plant. The plant must put its energy into developing its root system, not flowers. The plant will grow better, healthier flowers later.

Use a spade to prepare the flower bed. Work in at least an inch of organic matter. Every year add sphagnum peat moss, compost, rotted manure or some other organic matter to maintain and improve the soil. An alternative is to top the flower bed each year with a two-inch layer of compost. Loosen the soil to a depth of twelve inches for annuals, and eighteen inches for perennials. Use a ground rake to smooth the soil. When the flower bed is ready, you should plant the flowers at the same soil level they were at in the pot.

Now add one to three inches of aged wood chip mulch, or grass clippings, bark, pine needles, or any other kind of organic mulch. This will conserve moisture, discourage weed growth and prevent many diseases.

There are also Home Depot gardening tips on planting trees, starting a new lawn and pruning a hedge. You will even find buying guides for equipment like valves, hoses, pond pumps and planters. It's all there for you at Home Depot.