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´╗┐Hiring A Contractor

Hiring a professional contractor is an important factor in many home improvement projects. The contactor can make the project either a wonderful experience or a complete nightmare. Here are several factors to consider before signing any contracts with a professional contractor.

When locating contract ask people you know for a referral such as friends, family, coworkers, and the home improvement store. Ask the people you know that have had home improvements completed that are happy with the results. Chances are you will also be happy with the results when using the same contractor.

Check the credentials of the contractor you are thinking about hiring. Find out if they are members of the Better Business Bureau or members of any contractor union or associations. Ask questions of the contractor such as how long they have been in business, if they are licensed, if they carry the proper insurance and are they bonded with the state.

Make sure the contractor has a warranty and guarantee for the job they will be performing. Make sure they use written contracts stating the work to be done that lists all the materials and the costs for the project. Most contractors will have a contract with the specifics of the job detailed.

Check the references of the contractor. Ask for a list of prior customers and contact several about their experiences with the contractor. This is a great way to know personally the quality of work for the contractor.

Think about these factors too. Does the contractor seem professional? Does the contractor seem busy with other clients? Does the contractor stick to the schedule and did they show up for their appointment with you on time? Did the contractor seem courteous when you talked to them and did they return your phone call in a timely manner? Did feel comfortable talking with the contractor? The rapport with the contractor is very important since you should feel comfortable talking to them and also feel they care genuinely interested in the project they will be completing for you.

Before you select the contractor take the time to walk around the area you are having the work. Discuss the work to be completed including any questions you may have about the work. Get some suggestions from the contractor about the project and have them explain what work will be done for the project.

Get at least three estimates for the home improvement. All of the estimates should be in the same price range. Avoid the contractors that have bids too high or too low. If the bids are too low, ask the contractor to detail why the bid is low just in case they are leaving work out of the project.

Review the contract before signing. Make sure it covers all aspects of the work. Are the details the same as the estimated bid? Is cleanup costs included in the contract? Check on the time frame for the project to be completed to make sure it is the same as you were told. Does the contract specify the payments to be made?

Once you are completely satisfied with the contract and the contractor sign the contract and wait for the home improvement to be completed.