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Bathroom Décor

The décor for the bathroom can be very original based on the individual's own ideas. There are many different ideas to select from for the bathroom. Deciding on the design to use in the bathroom is the hardest step of decorating. To get a few ideas, either use a decorating magazine or browse through a store. The ideas will pop out at you and help to make the decision.

One option for the décor is the floral theme. Flowers create a beautiful and calming effect in the bathroom. The flowers can be any color or any kind of flower. Select the kind of flower to use. Decide on the color to use as a foundation theme. Once choosing the color and type of flower, the rest will be very easy.

Here is an example of designing a bathroom with flowers. The selection is the pink rose. Since pink is a light color the options of using other shades of pink are available. This presents more options for decorating too.

At the stores look for a shower curtain with the pink roses on it. Since the vintage era used pink roses, the style is available in almost every store. Get matching colored shower curtain hooks. Add the accessories matching the curtain such as trash basket, soap dispenser, drinking cup, and hand towels. Get a few towels in the shades of pink too. Do not forget the bathmats and rug in the pink color.

Go to the home decorating department. Look for pictures with pink roses. Select a few small pictures and even some small figurines of the vintage era that will fit in the theme. Maybe even add a crocheted doily to sit the figurine on. Find other things that might be used and get them also.

In the bathroom put up the new shower curtain and the hand towels. Put in the rugs and bathmat. Hang the pictures. Put the figurines on the shelf with the doily. Add the trash basket, toothbrush holder, and drink cup to the places.

Stand back and look at the creation. It was easy to do. It creates a new pretty look for the bathroom. All the colors match and look great. The new shower curtain makes the eye look in that direction. The walls look terrific with the pictures and the figurines add a delicate touch to the shelf it is sitting on. The hand towels make a statement of their own by hanging on the towel rack presenting a very pretty picture of that area of the room.

It is very easy to create a new look for the bathroom. The example is a simple one but it shows how easy it is to change the bathroom décor.