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´╗┐Maintaing A Home When Nobody's Home

Whenever you come across a situation where you have to leave your home for a long period of time you are likely to come across a number of questions in your mind. What will happen if anything wrong goes wrong in your absence? Disasters can strike anytime and who will protect your house from fires, storms, flooding etc? Home maintenance when not occupied is not a big deal though. You just need to take care of certain things and relax whenever you are away from your home.

Turn off the water even if you have metal pipes. There is always a risk of breaking or cracking of pipes. If you are leaving your home for a longer period then have your water system inspected by a plumber. You can never predict weather conditions. It's always good to ensure safety measures for your home to protect it from storms. You must empty your water pipes to avoid freezing. If you live in an area where heavy winds are regular then you must trim tall trees and thick shrubs surrounding your house. In case of heavy winds huge trees can be disastrous for your abode. So, it better to get rid of them or cut them short.

The most important part of home maintenance when not occupied is thermostat adjustment. Adjust your thermostat so that your home will be warm enough and your water pipes will not freeze when you are away. The temperature of your thermostat has to be in harmony with the temperature of the area, where you live. It should neither be too hot nor be too cold.

Regular home maintenance is very important to avoid any unwanted situations. Regular maintenance also increases the life of your home. It includes gutter cleaning, door and window maintenance, inspection of water system by a professional, sealing cracks and cleaning of water heaters at regular intervals. When you take care of home maintenance when it is not occupied, then indirectly you reduce the cost which will occur once you shift back into your home or come back from your long tour.

Vacant homes are at high risk of burglary and vandalism. You can reduce the chances of burglary and vandalism if you successfully create an impact of a lived in home. You can ask your neighbor to keep an eye on your home and inform you if something unusual happens. Try to put on a light, which is installed outside your home on a timer. If your house is a part of a HOA then you must inform them before leaving. It's better to have constant vigilance on your home to avoid any kind of disaster.

You can follow these tips on home maintenance when not occupied and avoid any tragic situations from hitting your home, when you are away on a holiday or on work related tours.