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´╗┐Good Looking and Inexpensive Artifacts For Your Home

Not all of us can afford to go to an antique store and shop away to our heart's content. But that doesn't stop us from dreaming about a beautiful home with stunning artifacts. The fact that most artifacts have a very high price tag on them is what usually stops us from fulfilling our dreams. So here are a few ideas to give your house a look of grandeur without spending a fortune for it. The first thing that you will need to do is make a list of the things that you will need. The biggest decorating faux pas is cluttering your house with too many artifacts making it look like an indoor flea market.

Generally you would need an artifact for each table, two to three paintings, some frames or decorative pieces for the fireplace mantel and a few other tits bits thrown in for good measure. The cheapest place to find things which have the potential to be converted into genuine looking art pieces are garage sales. Go for metal containers made of brass or copper which can hold small plants or potpourri. A wide mouthed terracotta or copper vessel about one and half feet in diameter can also be used to produce spectacular results. Old necklaces made of glass beads, a long piece of chiffon cloth in a pastel color would also be a good buy. Also, take some time out to check out old photographs, black and white pictures which your neighbors or friends want to throw away. Once you have all the things ready we are ready to start.

Let's begin by getting the paintings ready, the old photographs and black and white pictures can be used to create prints on canvas. These are easily and cheaply available over the internet and have the look of hand painted scenes or portraits. You will need about 2 or 3 of these try to get one black and white print, one scenery, one floral painting and finally get some stretched canvas on a ready made frame and splash some oil paint on it using your fingers, spoons and knives to create your own modern art master piece. The old metal containers can be used to pot small plants artificial or natural place these on side tables or the dining table. The smaller containers can be used to hold colorful glass beads and can be placed on the coffee table. The large terracotta wide mouthed vessel can make a perfect center piece fill it with some water and put in some faux floating flowers and some floating candles.

If you have a two storied house with a staircase in the living room casually throw the chiffon cloth over the balustrade and intermingle it with a string of shiny beads. Finally get some copper wire and some Rochelle beads easily available at most hobby shops and invest some time into making French beaded flowers these can be used as the perfect adornments for old frames and as decorative artifacts for the fireplace mantel.