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´╗┐Bean Back Chairs Back To Rule The Interior Design Market

The history of Bean bag chairs dates back to 1970's. These are available in the market in all sizes and also colorful fabric. Kids as well as their parents love to seat in these bin back chairs. You can fit these chairs in any part of your home. When kept in a kid's room these look really trendy and stylish. If you have a baby boy buy a blue bean bag while for a baby girl pink is the best suited color. A colorful bin bag helps in the enhancement of the decoration of a room. Different fabrics are available such as fur, leather, vinyl, suede, fur print, velvet and also cotton. Bean bags are also available in different animal prints and some scenery, etc. Customized bean bags can be made with your image, name and also with your favorite logo.

Vinyl or leather covers are not liked by some persons as these can stick to the skin. Sometimes it also becomes irritating. But leather cover is easy to clean while the clothing is tough to maintain. Some people like to use other types of fabric which are soft to touch. These are washable and it is advisable to wash it regularly to avoid any deeper stains.

These bean bag chairs are available with different fillers. Some of the examples can be given as Styrofoam, cotton and also shredded foam. Shredded foam is really comfortable and also holds various shapes. It is very common that bean bag chairs are moved from a place to another and so the foam has to always bounce back into its previous shape. It never flattens and always gives it a fresh look.

Different sizes and shapes are available in the market. For kid's you can take small chairs while huge 6 foot for two or more people is also available. Bean bag is also available as a lounger. You have to see the available space for the bean bag in your room or which style will go well with your home decoration.

Bean bags are really exciting. Kids love them most. There is endless variety from where you can choose the perfect one for you. Don't think about the budget as these are available in different price range and anyone will definitely suit you.

Now a day's bean bag chair has really become popular and back to rule the interior design of the homes as well. If you have children at home and they are messy bean bag is the best option for you. Parents could not spend so much of time in cleaning and maintaining the traditional furniture whereas bean bags are easy to clean and also quite affordable. The washable upholsters are perfectly suitable for your home.