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´╗┐Preventive Maintenance Can Save You Big Money

Home repairs can be expensive and some are unavoidable, however they can be even more expensive when they have to be done unexpectedly, such as when a water heater bursts and ruins your carpet and possibly other items. Or maybe you have a leaky roof you've been meaning to get to until one day a heavy rain comes and part of the roof collapses into your home. Now you have an expensive roofing job to do and you have to clean up the mess in the home. What's more, you'll likely have water damage or other types of damage to the inside of your home if this happens to you.

Not only is emergency home repair more expensive; the event that leads up to you having to do emergency home repair could be dangerous. There's just no better solution than preventive maintenance to keep your home and family safe and to avoid unexpected and costly repairs. Get organized so you will know which tasks you should do on a monthly or yearly basis. Keep receipts of all items you buy that have to do with home repair and maintenance and keep warranties together. Some people like to use a filing system while a binder works well for others. It really doesn't matter what kind of system you use as long as you keep careful and current records of the home maintenance tasks you perform.

There are quite a few preventive maintenance tasks you should do to keep your home running smoothly. Although we won't go over all of them here, we will touch on just a few. Keep your water heater running smoothly by checking the pressure relief valve twice a year. This is a preventive device that could keep your water heater from exploding and it is important that the valve be in good working condition. This valve is present on all water heaters, both gas and electric and when checking it you should hear air escape through the valve. Water may also escape through the valve when you pull the lever, which is expected. If neither one of these things happen, you should drain the tank and replace the pressure relief valve. Always turn the electricity or gas off before you work on your water heater. Also, check for rust around the base and replace the water heater if any is spotted.

Something as simple as changing your filter on your home heating and air conditioning system can make the unit run more efficiently, make your home more comfortable, and save on costly repairs down the road. Also, inspect dryer hoses at least once a year and check for lint around the vent area and in the hose. Built-up dryer lint can cause a fire and reduce the efficiency of your dryer so it is important to ensure that the vent tubing is clear of lint.

There are many more preventive home maintenance tasks you will need to do each year. Many of them are quite simple and all of them are far easier than cleaning up the mess after a disaster strikes.