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´╗┐Beyond Basic Home Security - What You Can Do With State Of The Art Equipment

How would you like to be sitting at your desk at work and tune your computer into any room in your home to see what, if anything, is going on? This is just one of the ways you can integrate your home security system so that you can monitor your home from wherever you are as long as you have a computer and an Internet connection. Actually, this particular technology isn't all that sophisticated, but it sure adds a new dimension to the basic magnetic sensor that sounds an alarm when tripped. Knowing you can visibly see any area of your home no matter where you are provides a deeper measure of security to many homeowners. In fact, day care centers use this same type of technology to let mothers and fathers "see" their children from work. They provide a web address and the parents log on and are able to view their children throughout the day.

Keep Your Windows Open and Armed

Most people have to disarm their home security system when they want to open a window but with specially designed window screens, you can keep your windows open and still be protected. That's because embedded within the screen is alarm wire that will sound an alarm if the screen is cut. In addition, if the screen is removed, magnetic contacts ensure that the alarm will sound. You can either add this technology to every window in your home or maybe you just have a favorite window that you like to open frequently. Either way, this technology makes home security easier to live with and provides more peace of mind.

Glass Breaking Sensors Offer Added Protection

Glass breaking sensors are ideal for glass panels that do not open but that could be broken, allowing an intruder entry into your home. This type of sensor works on a frequency that sounds an alarm when the system "hears" the sound of glass breaking. One sensor can cover an entire wall or multiple windows in one room. Do be aware though, that windows that may be covered with heavy drapes may not be ideal for glass breaking sensors as the drapes may muffle the sound of the breaking glass to the extent that the system won't "hear" it.

Pet Immune Motion Sensors

Not all pet owners are aware of this, but you can have motion detection sensors in the same home with your beloved pet and not have to worry about false alarms. That's because some systems can be set to ignore detection up to a certain weight. Since an intruder is going to weigh far more than a dog or a cat, you won't have to worry about compromising your safety, yet your pet can wander freely without tripping the alarm.

When you are in the market for a home security system, take into account the specific needs you have. Chances are, there is something on the market that will serve to offer you the protection you desire.