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How To Install Kitchen Cabinets On The Wall

Whether you hire an outworker or do the task yourself, installing the kitchen cabinets could be simpler than you think. Here are the simple ways on how to install kitchen cabinets on the wall.

1. Check the cabinets

You need to ensure that the cabinets are organized based on your preferred size, color, and designs.

2. Position the cabinets

Before you position the cabinets, don’t forget to mark the wall to make sure that it is in its proper placement.

3. Install the wall cabinets first

To exactly determine the proper place for these cabinets, try to measure the distance starting form the floor. Consider the space for the base cabinets, the splash, and the counter-top. Add the measurements with a line that specifies where would be base cabinets. Also, don’t forget to mark the top of the cabinets. A 1 x 4 inches board would provide temporary support. To remove it without any difficulty, leave nail’s head out a little bit.

4. Mark the wall studs

Put a mark to know the exact position of the base cabinets; make sure it is at least six inches below. Draw straight vertical lines between these sets for you to define the center of the studs.

5. Connect a temporary rail for support

Align the top border of the rail with the cabinet’s base edge and screw it 1 x 3-inches to the wall.

6. Create a sub-assembly

Arrange the cabinets together and secure them on a flat surface. Attach the cabinets onto the walls and see to it that they are facing each other. Be sure of any height difference because it makes a crest between the cabinets.

7. Install the overhead cabinets

When you already done arranging the cabinets according to your preferences, secure them together by using a wood screw. Make sure to include a 0.75 inch of wood hanging strip on the cabinet’s back. Make holes and fasten the screws. So, your cabinets are now installed to the walls.

These are just simple ways on how to install kitchen cabinets onto your kitchen walls even if you do it by yourself. Just follow the instruction and you will be happy with the results.

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