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Improving The Appearance Of Your Home

Improving The Appearance Of Your Home

The outer appearance of your home makes a first impression on people that affects their impression of you as well. Your home is your comfort zone, so you may not have taken a critical look at its appearance for years. But now is a good time to take an objective look. Does your home have an attractive appearance? Or does it show signs of neglect? Are there many minor problems you have not bothered to fix? Do not let your home develop a rundown appearance. Here are some tips on things to look for and how to fix problems.

Landscaping is something people often let go. After all, it is just natural for trees and bushes to grow. But overgrown bushes close to your house can be a security problem. Tree and bush roots can push against the foundation, damaging it. Untrimmed hedges and bushes are unsightly, giving the same impression of carelessness as unkempt clothing. You may need to buy or borrow some trimming tools, but it is worthwhile shaping and trimming the shrubs and trees in your yard. Doing this will greatly improve the appearance of your house. Go even further. Plant attractive perennials in those bare or shady spots in your yard. You will enjoy the beautification, and so will your neighbors.

Grime is bound to build up on decks and porches. Humid weather can result in a green haze of mold or moss on decks, and even on the siding of your house. This is not only unsightly, leaving it will cause deterioration of the materials. Replacing them can be expensive and time-consuming. This problem is easily fixed. Buy or rent a power washer to clean up the outside of your house. A few hours can make the outside of your house look new. It can also delay the need to repaint or refinish surfaces.

People notice your front door. Visitors receive either a welcoming impression or one of neglect. Repainting your front door is a good way to spruce up your house. If your door is plain and worn, replacing it may be a good idea. New doors are available with beautiful designs and also superior weatherproofing and security.

Solar lights placed along the walkway to your front door are a welcoming sign. They are attractive and practical, helping people find the pathway safely in the dark. Add motion-detecting lighting to also improve safety–and security too.

Check your front and back steps. They receive a lot of wear and tear, and may be the first place where your house needs renovation. Look for rot in wooden steps. If not far gone, they can be refurbished. But if the rot has taken hold, the steps must be replaced because they are a safety hazard as well as being unattractive. Likewise, concrete steps and surfaces that have begun to crumble at the edges can be repaired if caught early. Quick action can save you a lot of time and money for expensive replacement later.

The roof over your head is the last thing you want to neglect. When shingles start to curl or become loose, you want to act quickly to fix or replace them. Water damage is the homeowner’s worst enemy. Leaks can happen gradually, and become major before being noticed. An annual inspection of your roof will pay off handsomely.

These are just a few ideas to get you started. Preventive effort now can improve your home’s appearance, and it can save you from much more serious repairs later on.

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