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This indoor gardening tip tells you several ways to make sure your plants get watered when you're away from home for an extended period of time. Most indoor gardeners who are going to be away on vacation or for some other reason simply leave a key with a neighbour or a friend or relative who lives nearby. If that person is not an experienced indoor gardener, an extra indoor gardening tip is to make sure he or she knows how frequently to water the plants and how much water each plant requires. Some indoor gardeners will even hire the services of a professional plant sitter.

If you are a frequent traveler who loves houseplants, a very sensible indoor gardening tip is to beautify your home with plants that require infrequent watering. Cacti, succulents and certain orchids can be left unwatered for weeks. Just be sure to give them a good watering before you leave.

Most horticulturists advise against leaving plants soaking in water. But there is an indoor gardening tip that will enable you to do that with most plants to keep them alive while you are away. Move your plants at least five feet away from any windows that admit a lot of sunlight. Fill their saucers with water, then wait until all the water has been absorbed. Now fill the saucers with water again, right to the top. Your plants will be adequately watered for two weeks.

Another indoor gardening tip for watering your plants when you're away from home involves the use of your kitchen sink. This works best if the sink gets some sunlight. First, make sure the plug is not in the drain. Put several layers of newspaper in the bottom of the sink and put the plants on them. Water the plants until the excess water drains out of the bottoms of the pots and saturates the newspaper. Open the tap so that it drips once every thirty seconds to once a minute. Your plants will be watered for as long as you are away.

The sealed plastic bag is another good indoor gardening tip for when your plants are home alone. First, trim the plant of anything that might drop off and rot: dead or yellowed leaves, flowers and buds. Water the plant thoroughly and place it in a clear plastic bag. Large dry-cleaner bags are perfect. Blow the bag up with air and close it with a twist tie. Place the bag away from sunny windows, but in a spot where it will still receive some light. Plants in this mini-greenhouse will stay fresh and green for up to twelve weeks. Do not use this method for cacti or succulents. They will die and rot. You can now enjoy your trip without worrying about coming home to dead plants.