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An indoor gardening magazine can be both enjoyable and helpful to an indoor gardener whether he or she has many years of experience or is just getting started. Online, at the newsstand or through subscription, there is an indoor gardening magazine to suit every need. Indoor gardening magazines are written and edited by people who know and love houseplants, and want to share their knowledge and experiences with other gardeners.

In an indoor gardening magazine readers will find information on pots, planters and hanging baskets, explaining which ones are best for certain plants, as well as what to avoid. Readers will find helpful hints on the selection and maintenance of containers and the whole range of indoor gardening tools.

If a reader has questions about lighting for houseplants, an indoor gardening magazine will tell the reader all he or she needs to know about grow lights and how best to utilize sunlight in the home. There will be information on potting soil, fertilizer, watering, air circulation, and the science of hydroponics. If a reader needs to know about pests and plant diseases, the indoor gardening magazine will either have the answers or will give directions on where to find them.

The magazines are very well illustrated with photographs that show the reader just what prize flowering or foliage plants should look like when they are at the peak of their beauty. The magazines also carry pictures of plants that have symptoms of disease or pest infestation, so the reader knows what to look for on his or her own plants.

An indoor gardening magazine will not only tell the reader the best way to grow household plants, but will also show through illustrations and text the best ways to display them, with professional tips on location and lighting. The magazines even have helpful tips on preparing and displaying dried floral arrangements.

The indoor gardening magazine provides a forum for the millions of people in the world wide community of household plant enthusiasts. It tells the reader about new developments in houseplant care, of newly developed hybrids, and occasionally even about old species thought to be extinct but now re-discovered.

The letter section in the magazine permits readers to express their own opinions on things relating to indoor gardening, and tell of personal experiences. Announcements provide information on contests, flower shows, and exhibits. What more relaxing way to spend an afternoon or evening than sitting in a quiet room surrounded by the beautiful blooms and foliage you have grown yourself, reading about all that is happening in the wonderful world of indoor gardening?