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´╗┐Interior Painting With Faux Finishes

Faux finishes are one of the more common options you have when it comes to interior painting, but do not think you have just a couple of choices! There are many ways that you can dress up a wall using nothing more than a few tools and some paint. What's more, faux finishes using paint are far less expensive than purchasing wallpaper to decorate the space with. You do not have to be too creative, or have a lot of experience to have a great looking finished space. The following are some of the more common faux finish options you may want to select from.

Rag Rolling: For a fun and interesting option, consider rag rolling. This gives the wall a lot of pattern and texture to it. The texture basically comes from applying the paint (one or more colors) using a towel or rag rather than using a paintbrush or roller. To create this look, roll paint onto the wall and then roll a rag over the top to pull off some of the paint texture.

Sponging: If you remember sponge painting as a kid, you definitely will love to create the same look on your walls at home, using sponges. The process is the same. You will paint the walls with the color you have selected and then dab the sponge on the wall in various directions. This creates an interesting and one of a kind look.

Antiquing: This process is a different type of faux painting. Here, you will be using a chemical that will help to "crackle" and change out the look of the paint to give it that aged look. You can also do this with just paint, but using colors and application methods that help you to create a faux antique look, such as yellowing are often a better option. The process is quite unique and a lot of fun.

Brick Patterns: To create a faux interior wall of brick, you just need to have a few rectangular brick shaped sponges and the right type of paint. You can then go at the project which allows you to create what looks like a wall of bricks. This particular type of faux painting requires a bit more skill and a lot of patience to get just right.

If there is a texture or a look that you love and you want to create it on your walls, you can do so using just a few tips and tools. Create the look of granite. Select a wood texture. Go with color washing or lime washing. Each of these methods of faux painting is an option you have. It takes just a few extra steps to get this more unique, finished look. It will be interesting and it will look great.