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´╗┐Dollhouse Kits - Building Fantasies

A dollhouse of her own is every little girl's dream. There used to be a time when parents pored over designs and magazines and picked out design ideas to build their little girl her very own dollhouse. These days there is really no need to sweat it out so much as there are various companies that offer ready to assemble dollhouse kits with many attractive and unique features. Some of these companies even hire designers to design and manufacture trendy dollhouses.

Every manufacturer tries to bring out the best product to woo little girls. Some of the special dollhouses you can find on offer are those with small picket fences on the exterior and those with silk screened windows which simulate leaded glass. Some dollhouses have flower boxes where you can either pluck and fix fresh flowers or artificial flowers are also sometimes provided along with the kit. The cost of the doll house varies according to the number of rooms it has. A dollhouse kit that comprises of five rooms will be more expensive than the one that comprises of 3 or 4 rooms.

Some dollhouses have fashionable fire places too but they are definitely not for real. Different types of stairways can also be provided. They can be winding or just simple and straight. Storage is a problem for most of the houses especially because they have such tiny accessories. You will also find dollhouses with storage drawers just beneath the doll house in order to enable storage of accessories and parts of the dollhouse. You can even hide your electrical components here.

To cater to the kids with an adventurous streak, some dollhouse kits manufacturers have come up with haunted dollhouses. They have ghosts and goblins which lurk through the houses. Crooked furniture and spooky lighting system completes the entire effect. Some kits are available in Tudor or Victorian styles. You can find tall towers and chambers and wrap around porches. These come with at least six rooms and have attics too. Though their weight is a little more than the usual dollhouse kits, they are an absolute delight to play with.

Though you can find various types of dollhouse kits perhaps the most popular amongst the little girls is the Barbie dollhouse kit. It is perhaps the pink color or the princess feel that makes it so fascinating and charming. Almost every girl desires to own a Barbie house. Dollhouse kits can be bought from retail outlets or online shops. Online shops have a huge variety and provide construction help through instruction guides or as video tutorials. However, before you plan to purchase a dollhouse kit online, ensure that the store has exactly what you want as many online stores may not have an exchange or refund policy.