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´╗┐Baby Crib Buying Guide

"Before you were conceived I wanted youBefore you were born I loved youBefore you were here an hour I would die for youThis is the miracle of life." - Maureen Hawkins

Every parent in this world has similar feelings and wants to buy the best of things for their babies. But shopping for babies is not easy because of the variety of products available in the market with a large variation in the price range. So here are some of the factors to be kept in mind if you are planning on buying a baby crib:

It's not just comfort but the safety also which is of paramount importance when buying a baby crib. There are also some standard regulations for the baby crib manufacturers that should be followed while making baby cribs. Make sure that the crib is firmly fitted with strong hardware and that the edges are finished and polished well. Baby cribs should be of good quality material and it is always advisable to avoid buying cribs made of plastic.

There are different types of baby cribs available in the market such as single-drop side, double-drop side, fixed and drop-gate. The drop-sides cribs are latest designs that are available in the market and are being preferred as they are convenient to use. However some people find these kinds of baby cribs to be risky because of loose fixtures. It is always better to check the quality of the fixtures before buying the crib. Also to ensure higher safety for your child and your peace of mind it is advisable to go for fixed side cribs.

You should always try to opt for a baby crib that has an adjustable crib mattress height as this allows you to lower your baby smoothly without disturbing their sleep. The mattress support mechanism is another feature to look out for while selecting a baby crib. Select a crib with spring support mechanism for added safety and comfort. You can also find baby cribs that make use of plastic straps to attach the mattress to the crib but these are to be avoided. Over long use, these plastic straps might wear out and can cause problems.

If you have a large house and like to have your baby close to wherever you are, you can choose baby cribs with castor wheels as that will make it simpler for you to take your baby around without much discomfort.

After selecting an appropriate type of baby crib the next thing to consider is the place from where to need to buy it. Select a good baby store where you can find all the latest models and good quality baby cribs. These are the best places to find baby cribs depending upon your taste and budget. Before you buy the crib, check the manufacturer's label and the year it's manufactured. You can take advantage of online baby stores to compare different makes and types and maybe even buy them at discounted prices.