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´╗┐How Child Safe Is Your Furniture?

When furnishing your home, among the other regular factors like aesthetics, look, comfort and design, the most important factor to consider is how safe is it for children if any at your place. Once you have this in the back of your mind while furnishing your place, the best thing to look for would be child proof furniture. By this, you are making your living space safe and comfortable for babies and older kids.

In general, having babies and growing kids in your home gives you an insecure feeling because of the various things lying around the house such as appliances and machines. There is always a fear that the child will fiddle with something and hurt itself. It thus becomes mandatory that you child proof your furniture by either making some changes yourself with the existing furniture or by having specially designed furniture made.

The first factor to consider is the location of the furniture. It should be in an optimum place, away from direct sunlight and never near low windows. Some of them might require fixtures to restrain the degree of freedom of movement which might lead to accidents. High chairs should not be used since they can topple over easily.

Childproof furniture for babies is unique and made to ensure maximum comfort and safety. They should be without any folds or latches to support the structure because they can be easily manipulated by curious babies leaving scope for injuries. Sharp edges need to be softened with cushioning material so that it mitigates the impact on the baby if it gets hurt. Other safety measures include anchoring the television as most of the accidents occur because the kids try to reach out to or grab the TV sometimes dislodging it from its place. Electrical appliances should be kept out of reach and bare sockets should be covered using external covers to avoid shocks.

Children and babies spend most of their time in the bedroom so it is compulsory to make the bedrooms as safe as possible. Making the crib safe is of prime importance when assembling it. The mattress used within the crib plays an important role. It should be of superior quality, it should also be replaced regularly to prevent spread of infection. The mattress should envelope the crib in order to provide safety from all the surfaces to the baby. Dangling objects near the crib should be avoided.

Safety baby monitors are available which can be used in large houses when you cannot stay near your baby always. In general, the safety of children can be enhanced by paying attention to detail while furnishing a home thereby making it a safe and a better place to live in.