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´╗┐Save Money By Building Your Kitchen Cabinets

Installing new kitchen cabinets is one of the most expensive home improvement projects you can undertake; however, you can save a considerable amount of money by building them yourself. And that's in addition to the sense of pride you will feel at being able to show off your own handiwork to visitors, friends, and family. Attractive and well-built kitchen cabinets can add value to your home and raise the resell value considerably.

You can find a variety of kitchen cabinet plans online and in your local home improvement stores as well.

Choosing the Wood

Knowing how you are going to finish your cabinets should have an influence on what kind of wood you choose because wood is graded not to the quality of the wood but to how it looks. This means that if you are going to paint your kitchen cabinets you won't need as high of a grade of wood and you will be able to save even more money this way. If you're going to stain them, though, you'll need to choose a wood without any visible outer markings, which will be more expensive but stained wood cabinets are beautiful and it will be well worth it.

Cutting and Measuring

Every carpenter knows how important measuring is, regardless of the project. One slight mistake and your cabinets won't fit into the space you have available and this could be costly and time consuming. Most seasoned carpenters measure twice and write down each measurement, leaving nothing to chance.

If you have the proper tools and want to cut the wood yourself, you will save additional money but there is no shame in having your wood cut for you, especially if you would have to buy new tools or if you just want to save time and aggravation. If you do cut your own wood, be sure and label each piece right from the beginning so you won't attach the wrong pieces together and have to start all over.

Finishing the Cabinets

Choose a finish that is easy to clean so that your cabinets will stand up to the grease and grime that is likely to find its way onto the surface of your kitchen cabinets. Whether you paint or apply a stain, look for the kind that will stand up to the elements of your kitchen and be easy to clean at the same time. The finish you apply is just as important as the wood you choose so read the label carefully to see how you will clean your new cabinets.


Choose your hardware carefully and see how it will look with the rest of your kitchen before you attach it as you will need to drill holes in your cabinet doors in order to apply the hardware. You could opt for kitchen cabinets with framed edges that need no hardware at all but most people prefer the kind that does include hardware as these cabinets usually look much nicer and the hardware adds a nice touch that you can customize to work with any kitchen decor.