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´╗┐Green Disposal Ideas For Your Kitchen Remodeling

Major kitchen renovation produces an awful lot of refuse that must be disposed of. However, most of the time, there are items that can be reused or recycled and these items don't have to end up in the landfill. Increasingly, there are various options open to you for disposing of unwanted items after your remodeling job is complete. We'll take a look at some of those options here.

Share With Others

Perhaps you have leftover paint, or floor tiles or even used appliances you need to get rid of. Instead of throwing these items away, it is likely that there are others who would enjoy the benefit of your leftovers. Check with friends, family, coworkers, and acquaintances to see if anyone is interested in your items before throwing them out. There is also an organization called Freecycle, which you can find at that is dedicated to keeping refuse out of landfills. Many local communities across the United States have a very active Freecycle group, in which members post things they no longer want on the message board and other members ask for them. You get to choose who gets your unwanted items and they come to your home and pick them up. Many members simply leave items outside once a recipient is chosen and let that person know where they can pick up the items. Freecycling has had a major impact on keeping refuse out of landfills and saves tons of items each year by passing them on to those who can still use them.

Donate to Recycling Centers

As more and more people become eco-conscious, more and more recycling centers are springing up across the United States. In fact, there are recycling centers dedicated to building materials. Some of these centers pay for your unwanted leftover materials and fixtures and some of them accept donations. Check online or in your phone book to find the nearest recycling center near you. The recycling centers then go on to sell these items to the public at greatly reduced prices. Some of them are not-for-profit and some of them are for profit but they all provide a great service to our communities by keeping tons of building materials out of landfills and also by offering these fixtures at such greatly reduced prices to consumers who need them.

With all the options available to consumers who are remodeling, fewer items than ever before truly need to be thrown out. Whether you have just a few leftover floor tiles or a whole kitchen full of cabinetry to dispose of, it is likely that you can find a more suitable option than the landfill for disposing of them.