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If you live in the vicinity of Maidstone and you are a gardener, you are not far from a good landscape gardening contractor. Maidstone, home of some of the UK's most beautiful gardens, has a wide range of gardening centres and services to choose from. Among its highly recommended landscape gardening contractors, Maidstone has dealers who can provide for all of your gardening needs, whether you are an indoor or outdoor gardener. They can be found in the Maidstone and Kent business directories and on the Internet.

Do you expect more than construction materials and gardening supplies and equipment from your landscape gardening contractor? Maidstone dealers also have the most comprehensive gardening literature available. There are books and pamphlets that can help you become as knowledgeable as a landscape gardening contractor. Maidstone garden professionals are glad to share their knowledge, too. Here are a few tips you can get from an expert landscape gardening contractor. Maidstone gardeners know they offer sound advice.

- Skyline or background trees can be used as part of the setting for your garden. They can help add depth to the landscape. Plant taller trees to the rear of the property.

- Plant lower growing shrubs below windows. You won't have to prune them as often, and they will keep their natural look.

- Plant taller shrubs between windows. You want the foundation of the house to be covered, but don't overdo it.

- Your house will appear larger and its vertical lines will appear softer if you plant tall plants or small trees a little to the front of the corners of your house.

- Give foundations shrubs enough room to grow and mature.

- Don't plant shrubs too close to the foundation. Otherwise they will not be able to grow naturally on all sides. You also want them clear of water running off the roof during rainstorms.

- Deciduous trees are excellent for shading your house in summer, and allowing sunlight through in winter. The southeast, southwest and northwest corners usually need shade the most. Don't plant trees too close to the foundation. A distance on one-third of a tree's ultimate spread should do.

- Consider if you are going to need play areas for children or space for pets.

- If you want to grow vegetables, plant your vegetable garden away from your other gardens. Remember that most vegetables require a lot of sun.

- Remember that some plants require a lot of care and attention, while others need very little. If you are a beginner gardener, start with a few plants that are easy to grow and maintain.

If you have questions, talk to a landscape gardening contractor. Maidstone has some of the best.