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Landscape Gardening

Landscape Gardening Design

This article will discuss the importance of landscape gardening design. It will review the advantages of following a careful plan.

The Grass Is Greener

Why does your neighbor's grass look greener and the flowers healthier? Why is he enjoying his patio while you are removing sod layers to build a walkway? The answer is easy. Your neighbor spent time on his landscape gardening design to insure it had all the desired elements, including a sprinkler system. You got in a hurry and forgot to draw in the corner flowerbed, and the men delivering the sod laid it right where you wanted to plant. Then, you completely forgot about a sprinkling system and now must spend a lot of time moving sprinklers so your expensive newly planted flowers and shrubs don't wither. As the old adage claims - it pays to plan ahead.

For Your Consideration

Landscape gardening design is a lot more than grass and flowers. It is a process encompassing the past and the future. In the past, you sat in your lawn chair and often wished you had a retaining wall by the back property line and a shade tree near the patio. The design process is where you insure your landscaping future holds everything you desired. It is in the planning and designing stage that the job is easiest. So it is important to take into consideration everything you want included in your landscaping project.

From The Underground Up

When beginning your landscape gardening design, don't start above ground. You begin the planning underground and then move up towards the sky.

- Determine if you need a sprinkler system. If so, include it in the design even if you cannot afford it at project implementation. Adding a sprinkler system in the future can be greatly simplified by doing as much accommodating as possible in the present. For example, don't build a raised flowerbed out of block where you need to run a water line in the future.

- Decide if you want to include a pond in your landscape gardening design.

- Is there an existing deck that will require landscaping around the edges?

- Are you going to add a patio?

- Does a fence need to be built?

- Are any retaining walls necessary for stability?

- Are any buildings planned for construction?

- Should a gazebo be included in the design?

- Determine which plants will work best in each area to be landscaped, fitting the bed designs to the plants you desire. Shade plants cannot be planted in a raised bed built in full sun.

- Consider the root growth of trees. Trees planted in the wrong spot can cause severe damage to patios and decks in the future.

Taking Time

It pays to take time when preparing a landscape gardening design. Walk around the property, imagining the ideal landscape setting. Consider what you can afford now and what you will be able to afford in the future. Meshing the two together in your landscape gardening design can save a lot of work and aggravation when you could be sipping lemonade in a lawn chair.