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You want to learn about landscape gardening, and you've decided there is only so much you can learn on your own from books, no matter how good the books are. There are many college level landscape gardening courses you can take. Programs will vary to some degree from one school to another, but generally the student of landscape gardening courses will be taught theory and technique in a classroom setting, and will also get practical, hands-on training in applied horticulture in the field.

The programs of the landscape gardening courses are designed to prepare graduates for employment in horticultural pursuits related to the development and maintenance of landscapes in both commercial and residential situations. Among the various programs offered by landscape gardening courses are: an associate's degree, a general certificate, a certificate in production and a certificate in installation and maintenance.

Most landscape gardening courses place an emphasis on: plant propagation, plant identification, nursery and greenhouse culture, turf management, diseases of pests and plants, arboriculture, and the planning, construction and maintenance of landscapes. Other courses might include practical woodwork, garden design, soil science, plant science, and communications and word processing. Graduate students may also be required to take a pesticide applicator's examination.

If you are looking for something beyond the college level diploma, some universities offer courses in landscape architecture, for which there is a Bachelor's degree. Graduates can also work toward a Graduate Diploma in Landscape Design.

There are landscape gardening courses are that are designed for both hobbyists and professionals, and night courses are often available through continuing education programs. Students who apply for college or university courses in landscape gardening are usually people who have shown an interest and proficiency in subjects associated with horticulture and botany.

For students who have the self-discipline for home study, there are also online courses. Some academies have courses available on CD through mail order. These courses provide text and illustrations and offer a certificate upon successful completion for a written exam. However, the person who seriously wishes to pursue landscape gardening as a career would probably be advised to inquire at a recognized teaching institution.

There are many employment opportunities for people who have graduated from a recognized educational institution with a degree or certificate in landscape gardening. Such people are not only employed domestically as gardeners, although that option is there. They are also employed by institutions as diverse as golf courses and large hospitals. They design and maintain indoor and outdoor gardens for shopping malls, industrial parks, municipal buildings and universities. They take care of public parks at every level from small town squares to the vast holdings of federal governments. There is a great demand for graduates of landscape gardening courses.